Descendants of the Sun Fanfic List


Er. There’s only been four fics so far, but I’m hoping to do one fic a week. So starting a list to be kiasu.

Update (29 May 2016): Right, so the tenth fic is finally up. Thank you for being on this journey, and suggesting great ideas! I hope to get down to writing them sometime before the end of the decade millennium. =p

  1. Netflix (Dae-young & Myung-joo)
  2. Blackout (Dae-young & Myung-joo)
  3. Absence (Dae-young & Myung-joo)
  4. Compassion (Ki-bum & Min-ji)
  5. Ritual (Dae-young & Myung-joo microfic)
  6. Date (Shi-jin & Dae-young)
  7. Blocked (Myung-joo & Dae-young)
  8. 157 (Dae-young & Myung-joo)
  9. Bouquet (Dae-young & Myung-joo)
  10. FEO (Dae-young & Shi-jin)

I’m very thankful that the fics are getting read, especially since I hadn’t done prose for quite a while. (Random ranting unfortunately doesn’t quite count.) Would really appreciate any feedback on how to improve my writing. Is it too lame? No payoff? Weird phrasing/anything? Also, if you’d like to be a beta reader, please drop a line. (I know there’s fanfiction.net, but there seems to be a number of hoops to jump through before stories can be posted.)

Update (17 April 2016): Thank you all for reading the fics.  There are a few ideas I have in my head at the moment, but may not have time to do.  If anyone should write them, please leave a link – I’d love to read them!

  1. Myung-joo meeting Dae-young’s mom for the first time
  2. The guys finding Min Yoon-gi, the sunbae that their girls had fought over, I keep thinking he’s not quite what they expect him to be.

Thoughts of Hospital Playlist Season 1

Image source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1383806wpp/the-cast-of-hospital-playlist-are-all-smiles-in-second-poster

Hospital Playlist, which ended last Thursday, is a slice-of-life drama chronicling the workplace interactions of a group of five 40-year-old friends who have known each other since 1999. Planned as a 3-season drama, there is also an extensive supporting cast whose stories scaffold the theme of the week. In addition, 90s Korean music is also showcased through the jam sessions of the five besties.

Created by the PD-writer duo of Shin Won-ho and Lee Woo-jung of Prison Playbook and the (infamous) Reply series (1997, 1994, 1988), Hospital Playlist is almost vignette-like in its approach: there doesn’t seem to be an overarching plot. Like most procedural dramas, each episode has cases-of-the-week, with the protagonists’ lives only lightly threading through. It’s an easy watch, especially if you’re looking for a relatively stress-free drama (totally opposite to the nail-biting The World of the Married) in the time of COVID-19.

Some spoilers ahead though major plot points will not be revealed (I think…)

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Thoughts on Memories of the Alhambra

(This is really late, sorry!!)

What happens when augmented reality AR bleeds into real life? Twisty and convoluted, Memories of the Alhambra seems to be the latest k-drama crack that anyone interested in a good story (or Hyun Bin’s dimples) should check out.

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Drama Bugbear: Forehead Kiss

I’ve always been annoyed with the forehead kiss – is the female lead a midget (no offence to the under-tall) whose lips the hero cannot reach? It feels uncomfortably patronising and parental – as if the recipient is a baby in need of protection vis a vis the fairy godmother or godfather. Also, as someone who’s suffered acne way into her 30s, I can’t imagine anyone kissing a zitty forehead – the eponymous T-zone of oil production. Or risking a huge breakout from oily lips. Yikes!


Movie Review: Zombiepura


The Singapore film industry is a small one, and if you ask any Singaporean which local films they have watched, the usual suspects would include I Not Stupid or Ah Boys to Men (if you were more mainstream and Chinese speaking), and 12 Storeys15, or Ilo Ilo (if you were more arthouse). Crazy Rich Asians might have put Singapore on the radar, ultimately it’s a Hollywood film with an equally Hollywood sensibility. Which is why I’m always excited when a new Singaporean film shows up on the horizon.

In Zombiepura, Singapore’s first zombie flick, a lazybones reservist and his fanatic sergeant have to fight to survive when their isolated army camp is infected with a zombie virus.

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Definition of Drama Crack


Every drama fiend has their drama crack. *shrug* Nothing new under the sun. I’ve had my share of crack drama over the years – Long Vacation, Buffy, Coffee Prince, Descendents of the Sun, and more recently This is My First Life – and I’ve never really thought too hard about it. There’s that special something that hooks you – chemistry in the OTP (or secondary pairing or a doomed ship), excellent plot, nuanced acting – despite certain flaws which may detract from your enjoyment.

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Watched, Watching, Watch List 2018

Netflix has a whole bunch of Disney/Pixar AND Marvel movies!!! *shriek!*

Edit (4 Jul 2018): Ogodogodogod… so this is where all my time went… >.<

Watched (and rewatched):

Movies (not in the cinema):

  1. Bad Grandpa (so much poop)
  2. Lord of the Rings I – III
  3. Men in Black 1 – 3
  4. Pacific Rim (interesting premise, but oh, so many fighting scenes… *fast forward *)
  5. Avengers 1 (fun popcorn flick with some plot)
  6. Real Steel (sweet father-son flick)
  7. Zootopia (nature vs nurture)
  8. Confessions of a Shopaholic (wouldn’t a jumble sale to clear a shopaholic’s debt create more shoppy nuts?)
  9. Enchanted (I feel more for the second female lead, Nancy, played by Idina Menzel. She didn’t do anything wrong, but her dumbass boyfriend just got his stupid heart stolen by a more cheery and naive singing bimbo. That she also got her happily-ever-after is besides the point.)
  10. Iron Man 1 (such a well done fun flick with heart, pathos and plot. Excellently acted by Robert Downey Jr, who got a second wind in his career from this iconic role.)
  11. Iron Man 3 (trying a bit too hard but still somewhat enjoyable)
  12. Pretty Woman (it’s… well, you know … never mind…)
  13. How to Train Your Dragon (Toothless!!!)
  14. Mulan
  15. Aladdin
  16. Toy Story
  17. Up
  18. Set It Up (only because I love Lucy Liu)
  19. The Incredibles
  20. Kungfu Panda 3
  21. 50 First Dates
  22. X-Men 1
  23. X-Men 2
  24. Moana
  25. The Lion King
  26. Dr Strange
  27. Wolverine

Stand-up specials

  1. Fakkah Fuzz: Almost Banned (almost head injuries from banging head on table from unfunny jokes; he tried too hard; will probably be better with more experience)
  2. Harith Iskandar: I told you so (a lot tighter)
  3. The Honeymoon Standup Special (Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher were funnier together than separately.)
  4. Ali Wong: Baby Cobra (hilarious!!! don’t watch if you get insulted easily)
  5. Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife (excellent follow up to Baby Cobra)
  6. Eddie Murphy: Delirious (still good after a thousand years; the red suit is quite something)
  7. Nanette (Hannah Gadsby’s Netflix special defies categorisation; more theatre than comedy, elements of standup, confessional, biting social observations, and call for change make this one of the most electrifying, contemplative, and difficult things to watch. To paraphrase her badly, tension lies at the heart of comedy, and she’s tired of being punched. Definitely watch it if you can.)


  1. Friends (would have been great if they’d stopped at season seven or so; Big Bang is going the same way – sigh)
  2. Big Mouth (subversive fun!)
  3. Star Trek Discovery (I want more Michelle, the boy wants more Lorca)
  4. Oh My Ghostess (Would have been great if it were 12 eps instead of 16)
  5. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? (Pure fluff! Quite fun!)

Read (/red/):

  1. A Korean Odyssey (meh… rich source material was so underutilised)
  2. Mother (seems to be an all round well constructed show)
  3. Misty (what kind of eff-ed up ending is this after an excellent season of fantastically controlled and nuanced acting?!?)
  4. Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (dumbass noona)


  1. Black Mirror (this needs mind space)
  2. The IT Crowd (erm… one ep so far it’s funny! Season 3! But I have to concentrate a bit more cos of the accent)
  3. Mindhunter (a bit slow; may give up)
  4. Master of None (funny first season, but in light of recent controversy, has soured my opinion of Aziz; unfair, I know)
  5. Dirty Money
  6. Suits (debut was such fun! Why is he still not fired yet? The excuses are thinner than a G-string…)
  7. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (zippy goofiness – the writing feels quite Tina Fey; sometimes the era in which she was stuck at feels a bit off though: it wasn’t quite as innocent in the early 2000s)
  8. Project Runway Season 7 (my favourite reality show of all time – divas bitching it out while churning out gorgeous gowns? What’s not to love? I love so many of their styles and creations – Seth Aaron’s gothic punk eccentricity, Maya’s cool chic, Jay’s edgy vibe, Emilio’s elegant gowns, and Mila’s highly constructed colour blocks. Skip Season 8. It is so meh compared to S7.)
  9. Vox (Good for staying current and learning snippets about real stuff)
  10. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (fluff, fluff, fluff!)
  11. The Legend of Fuyao (only cos I love Ethan)
  12.  The Beauty Inside


  1. Greasy Melo


  1. Radio Romance (nothing fresh or interesting; lead’s nuanced acting can’t save the weak writing)
  2.  Woohoo Waikiki (too kooky for me at the moment)
  3. The Break with Michelle Wolf (Er. I’ve done my time – three eps, but I don’t think I can take so much shrillness.)
  4. The Good Place (interesting premise, but once the cat is let out of the bag, where’s the draw? may give up gave up)
  5. My Ahjusshi (too dark and melancholic)

To watch/re-watch?

  1. Frankie and Grace
  2. Big Fish
  3. Elizabeth
  4. Up
  5. Wall-E
  6. The Danish Girl
  7. The Dictator
  8. Disjointed
  9. Sausage Party

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Thoughts before the finale week of Because This Is My First Life

It’s very hard to put into words, when all you have are feels, and this is one insane drama that makes you feel everything that you might have a niggling sensation of, but never been able to articulate.

It delves into the status of women in society – how sexual harassment and discrimination in their overt and subtle ways become internalised and chip away at the confidence of the women. And I love how the women fight back, with sass, and sometimes bruised knuckles.

The writing is engaging, and just when you think that tropes are going to be deployed, you get a refreshing take instead – the unforgettable first love becomes a bridge between the couple instead of a hindrance. The cliffhanger each week keeps drawing you into the rich emotional worlds of these characters.

I love how the scene of Ho-rang leaving with the app guy makes most of us jump to conclusions and start condemning her for moving on so quickly, or possibly resorting to yet another drama staple of using him as a shield to cut ties with Won-seok once and for all. When it is revealed that she ran into the guy in the most innocuous way possible, and that she was awfully uncomfortable to be even getting a ride from him, I wonder how many viewers repented guiltily for having judged her so harshly.

Like what many fans have pointed out, the lack of proper communication between Ho-rang and Won-seok was a big reason for their breakup. She doesn’t seem like a totally unreasonable person – her dream of becoming a stay-at-home mom could probably be compromised to a certain extent – being a working mom, for example, and he could possibly have spent more time training to be a husband if he were more aware of how marriage-minded she was. But that’s water under the bridge, and lessons for all of us.

I’m also quite amused by her candidness with the guy who wants to get married. Sometimes, it is easier to seek solace with strangers than to spill one’s guts out again to friends. Because there’s no history, things might not necessarily have the gravity of pain.

I’m also quite surprised at how strong Su-ji and Sang-gu have become as a couple. From a relationship borne from a forgotten one-night stand, to a relationship dictated by a contract (hers) to his being her emotional rock, though not without significant pushing and pulling, theirs seems to be a relationship that will continue strengthen with every obstacle.

I like

I’m pretty sure that Se-hee’s father had a hand in the breakup between Jung-min and him. For a couple to move in together when faced with an unexpected pregnancy and then to break up so acrimoniously after the miscarriage, when both seem like rather sensible people now, I would hazard a guess that external factors had to play a larger role. His insistence that Ji-ho be a stay at home mom without consideration of her or Se-hee’s wishes paints him as a rather unreasonable man.  I might have to eat my words later, but at the moment, I really don’t like him even though I’d tried to give him the benefit of the doubt after the parents’ meeting in earlier eps.

The Soompi forum on the drama is rife with fans providing literary analysis as well as less thought out comments. One thing that fans loved was the apt referencing of literary works which tied to the themes of the episodes. One kind fan even provided the link to the text of To Room Nineteen, a room of solace, regret and secrets that each character couldn’t bear to invite others to.

Image credits: Dramabeans