Descendants of the Sun Fanfic List


Er. There’s only been four fics so far, but I’m hoping to do one fic a week. So starting a list to be kiasu.

Update (29 May 2016): Right, so the tenth fic is finally up. Thank you for being on this journey, and suggesting great ideas! I hope to get down to writing them sometime before the end of the decade millennium. =p

  1. Netflix (Dae-young & Myung-joo)
  2. Blackout (Dae-young & Myung-joo)
  3. Absence (Dae-young & Myung-joo)
  4. Compassion (Ki-bum & Min-ji)
  5. Ritual (Dae-young & Myung-joo microfic)
  6. Date (Shi-jin & Dae-young)
  7. Blocked (Myung-joo & Dae-young)
  8. 157 (Dae-young & Myung-joo)
  9. Bouquet (Dae-young & Myung-joo)
  10. FEO (Dae-young & Shi-jin)

I’m very thankful that the fics are getting read, especially since I hadn’t done prose for quite a while. (Random ranting unfortunately doesn’t quite count.) Would really appreciate any feedback on how to improve my writing. Is it too lame? No payoff? Weird phrasing/anything? Also, if you’d like to be a beta reader, please drop a line. (I know there’s fanfiction.net, but there seems to be a number of hoops to jump through before stories can be posted.)

Update (17 April 2016): Thank you all for reading the fics.  There are a few ideas I have in my head at the moment, but may not have time to do.  If anyone should write them, please leave a link – I’d love to read them!

  1. Myung-joo meeting Dae-young’s mom for the first time
  2. The guys finding Min Yoon-gi, the sunbae that their girls had fought over, I keep thinking he’s not quite what they expect him to be.

First Impressions on Autumn 2017 K-dramas

I totally wanna write fan fiction for Because This Life Is Our FirstIt’s a really cute story, and I can totally identify with the male protagonist – if one were more logical instead of having unrealistic expectations or playing mind games, life would be simpler. He’s like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory – love is some fuzzy wuzzy concept that makes no sense, but when you find someone who gets you and can connect on an intellectual level, you’re totally gonna be putty, or as putty as your melting point would go. Jung So-min imbues her struggling writer character with such pathos that anyone who’s gone through their 20s and 30s trying to find their place in the world will emathise. Could care less about Ho-rang, who exemplifies the type of brainless females that have put Sehee off dating. I’m excited to see how he cohabitation hijinks evolve into love with a solid foundation.

While You Were Sleeping has a pretty cool concept. Is the future alterable, and if it is, what are the reverbs that will haunt your initial decisions? Should you kill baby Hitler if you knew that he was going to massacre a whole tribe of people? So far, the existential questions have not quite been answered, but it’s a breezy watch due to the snappy dialogue and cute interactions. If your real life as a slob could be seen by your crush, would you clean up your act? Vacuuming while being dressed up to the nines could be the new thing. Hee hee… Great chemistry among cast with side characters bringing much liveliness is keeping this on the roster for me. Please don’t let it become W – Two Worlds…

Witch’s Court has the standard courtroom/crime procedural vibe. Sassy but secretly vulnerable prosecutor with morally ambiguous ways to win butts head with righteous colleague(s). Respect and understanding ensues with each case they collaborate on. Also “deep” secrets from their childhood to be solved. Will probably give it a miss unless I’m really bored.

Revolutionary Love is supposed to be fun and quirky with heart. Nothing revolutionary about it yet though. Doubt the plotline is strong. I think it’s going to devolve into My Secret Romance. Bye bye Siwon…

Ditto for 20th Century Boy and Girl. There seems to be a mystery, but I’m not invested in the main relationship, or anything else in it for that matter. Pity. It’s the first time that Kim Ji Suk, who’s done a good job playing supporting characters, is headlining a drama.

Go Back Spouses seems to be cashing in on the Reply series type of vibes. Just ‘cos you set something back in the 90s doesn’t automatically mean that it will feel authentic and retro. Not quite buying this couple’s chance at a do over. Sorry.



Yeon-kyung put on the hanbok as Im and the kids waited outside.

At this rate we’re going, I could probably open a hanbok rental company in Seoul… I should probably wear some light pieces of gold or silver more – at least that’d pay for all the clothes and stuff that we always need to get here. Wonder where he gets his money from – bartering acupuncture services, perhaps? she mused.

Her mind turned to Im. Last night, she had woken and seen him checking on the sleeping Kang and tucking Dam in.

He’d be a great father one day… Aish! Why did I think that? she chided herself for her stray thought as she absently tied her hair into a chignon.

“Let’s go!” she announced brightly as she stepped out of the hut, holding out her hands to the children.

Im looked at her and smiled.

Yeon-kyung is so pretty. My Yeong-kyung is so pretty. My wife is so pretty.

He blushed as he followed behind.


10 Things You Need To Know About Nathan Hartono | The Singapore Women’s Weekly


“If I win, I will rent a fleet of Milo vans and treat everybody to Milo peng (iced Milo).”
~ Nathan Hartono

I doubt Hartono will win, no offence to his talent. I mean, given a country of over a billion Chinese, what are the odds that a 华侨, in his case, a naturalised Singaporean Chinese born in Indonesia, and an Anglo-Chinese boy at that (for those not in the know, that’s the epitome of UN-Chinese-ness on the Red Dot), could win a competition named 《中国好声音》literally (Good) Voice of China, official name change notwithstanding?

Still, I am keeping my fingers crossed for free Milo!