Gardens by the Bay





when we are gone
will you remember us
who built the giants
who created the miracles
who destroyed the world

when we are gone
will you look up in awe
and wonder with amazement
or cluck in derision
at our foolish pride

have you clawed out of savagery
just as we once had
amidst sphinxes and snake gods
lost in the sands of time

will you soar to the stars
or fade into darkness
are you our legacy
or are we your curse

will you be there
to remember us


Was at Gardens By the Bay yesterday. It’s a place where man tries to pay homage to nature by imprisoning it under domes of glass and concrete, and recreating it with a post-modern aesthetic. That said, it’s still a beautiful place. My general unhappiness was forgotten as I took in the Super Trees bathed in soft neon lights set to a soothing pastiche of ethereal world music.

If it all sounds contradictory, it is. How else could a man-made garden that seeks to imitate nature in her utmost glory in the most highly-planned metropolis be described? Even so, I was glad to have found some solace in the Gardens. Nature, no matter how manicured, can still work its magic in providing an oasis of calm.


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