Lucky Island (WIP) – The cars were dancing in the street

The cars were dancing in the street.

I watched, mesmerised.  They were bopping along to the hypnotic beat.  Never had I seen such a sight before.  I took it all in, afraid that I wouldn’t see it again.

I wasn’t afraid, not really, no.  A child who’d not been burnt would have no fear of fire.

I cursed silently, regretting not having read the Earthquake Guide more carefully.  I’d just seen that damned booklet yesterday while packing my desk!  What was it about the being outdoors?  Seek out shelter or remain in the open?  Wait – that sounds like the drill for lightning.  Damn!  What was it?

I wheeled my bike into the nearest lobby and continued to contemplate my choice.

CRSSHCHINGSHHH!  A broken window crashed just inches away.

Fuck.  Shit just got real.


True Story.

I was working in Japan when the 9.0 earthquake happened on March 11, 2011.  Have made a couple of attempts to chronicle my experience, but it always ends up super lor sor and wordy (notice what I’m doing here?).  Shall try again.  Maybe it’ll be easier to write in vignettes instead of a chronological thingy.

Would appreciate comments on how to tighten my writing.  Thank you!


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