Jeannette/Mediacorp Redefines Tomboy

You’ve gotta be kidding me.  Jeanette Aw is described to be a tomboy in Spice Up.  

Not to be rude, but which tomboy has such a “tnaeh” or “aegyeo” voice with equally babyish mannerisms to match?  *facepalm*  (and how old is she supposed to be in the show?!?)

I think she’s a nice enough person, but she’s just so inadequate as an actress.  I just can’t relate to her portrayals of any character, be it her her much lauded mentally slow Jing Jing in Holland V, the virtuous and resilient Yueniang in The Little Nonya, or the schizo Nianqing in Breakout.  Perhaps her most natural and understated one so far is Zhao Fei Er in The Dreammakers.  

With critics like me, thank goodness I never went into doing theatre or entertainment for a career.


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