Sound of the Desert

It’s nice to watch something without having to read the subtitles.  Heck, it’s been a while since I could leave the TV on in the background and do other stuff (like this).  The new series I’m following now is 《风中奇缘》 or Sound of the Desert,  formerly known as 《大漠摇》 (Ballad of the Desert).  

It’s adapted from a novel by Tong Hua, the writer who crafted the addictive 《步步驚心》.  《大漠摇》 is actually the first Chinese novel that I managed to read after 30 odd years of existence, no mean feat considering that my written Chinese sucks.  Of course, there was lots of 什么 … 什么 … while reading…  Anyway, I first got to know of this story from Koala’s Playground.  She did an excellent translation of the book and reported on the development of the TV series.  Lots of drama with governmental issues regarding the book/TV series altering the accepted version of history.  In fact, its appearance on the boob tube was delayed more than two years while the permissions were sorted out.

Super short gist: Girl brought up by wolves gets caught up in a love triangle with a crippled physician/businessman and a brash young general.  Politics, palace intrigues and terrible self-esteem seek to keep our lovers apart.  Only two can find happiness, but which two, and at what price?  Choose your OTP carefully!

So far, the TV show’s a fairly faithful adaptation of the novel, though the battle scenes were a bit scanty on cannon fodder.  Some other quibbles: I wasn’t particularly pleased with the main actress acting as her younger self.  (The book mentions her to be about 11 or 12 then, but it was not specified in the show.)  The costumes and timeline were also rather suspect.  In addition, the use of super cute malamutes to stand in for the wolves was rather laughable.  Still, they are so furrily adorable!

Random picture of dog vs wolf here.

However, I didn’t have much issue with the casting.  Without having watched Eddie Peng before, I thought he did a passable job with the job of Huo Qubing, who was renamed Wei Wuji in the show.  Nothing to crow home about, but well, he’s eye candy.

Such a cutie pie!

Hu Ge showed much restraint as the repressed Jiu Ye.  Perhaps his SNAG with lousy timing will win him even more fans.  No photo of him.  Maybe later, if I start to crush on him. ^_^

Basic info on the show here, watch it with English subs here, and read the first chapter here.


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