Drama mama

Dramas I’m following (i.e. reading about) now:


Bad Guys – Not to be confused with Bad Guy, this gritty crime thriller pits an unorthodox police chief with his crack team of hardened criminals against the most heinous serial killers. And the reason why criminals are working with the man in blue? They get time off their sentences for each sick bastard they catch. But what’s their connection with each other? What’s the deep dark secret that will eventually turn them on one another? Why can’t the dishy serial killer remember what he did? Mysteries abound…

Post-show comment: Thrilling to the last!


Liar Game – Adapted from a Japanese dorama of the same name, a gullible girl gets ensnared into a high-stakes game show. Initially saved from ruin by a recently released psychology professor who had brought down a corporation for revenge, both are manipulated into continuing with the game. How is the organiser connected to her benefactor? Will Da-Jung lose her naivete? What further sinister shenanigans are in store?

Post-show comment: Convoluting, well-plotted.  Needs a functioning brain.


Misaeng – An adaptation from a web-toon, Misaeng depicts the day-to-day angst of the salaryman. Highly relatable.

Post-show comment: Pathos galore.  Good job!


Modern Farmer – A down-and-out rocker resorts to planting cabbages in the countryside in a bid to pay off debts and fund his next album. In a reunion of sorts with the ex-band mates, the motley crew get into fish-out-of-water hi-jinks with the cantankerous villagers. An unexpectedly zippy comedy full of heart.

Post-show comment: Don’t think too much and enjoy the ride.


Pinocchio – Girl who can’t tell lies gets a job as a journalist. Her fate gets intertwined with a boy, whose family got wrecked by her reporter mom. Romantic hiccups occur? Park Shin-hye and Lee Jong-seok would probably do better here than in their last dramas, poseur Heirs and the psycho Dr Stranger.

Post-show comment: Excellent treatise on media and morals today.

With the exception of Pinocchio, the rest are about halfway into their runs. Hopefully none will suffer from the dreaded mid-season drag where logic flies out of the window and love becomes insufferable. No noble idiots please. Or incurable diseases. Skinship super welcomed.

All recaps and more found at Dramabeans.


Not forgetting The Big Bang Theory and Bones here.


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