I’ve missed you, Takuya!


I’ve always had a thing for Takuya Kimura.  I only started liking his work in university, after everyone else had gotten rabid over his luscious locks and soulful eyes.  Even then, no mad fangirling, no.  I only thought his acting was good, and it didn’t hurt that he was cute.  When I got together with M, there was something in his smile that reminded me of Takuya.  It’s probably the canine in his toothy grin.  And the angst of course.  Oh, the angst.

Then, when I started teaching, Mr Kimura became a useful prop.  He’d appear in all sorts of examples.  For example, “L loves Takuya”, “L wants to visit Takuya in Japan”.  You get the idea.  So yeah, he’s been drifting in and out of my life for the past 15 years or so.  Maybe it’s time for him to make his debut in my current classes.  Ha!

Just checked and realised that his birthday was on 13th of November, so happy belated birthday!

And there you have it, Takuya spam.  Just because he’s beautiful.

takuya-kimura-herotakuya_kimura_Asunaro Hakusho

And I miss you too.


5 thoughts on “I’ve missed you, Takuya!

  1. I’m an Old One. Androgyny Boy doesn’t do it for me any more, but I can recognize beauty–and wouldn’t mind seeing how he turns out in another ten years.
    What does his daddy look like now, I wonder?
    (Gee, we women are culturally conditioned differently than men, yes? Can you imagine a man wondering about the mom of a hot young woman?)


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