In days of yore…


I miss my friends whom I’d grown up with. I miss those carefree days of silliness where the hardest thing we had to do was making sure the homework was copied finished, when literally jumping into the MRT brought on uncontrollable fits of giggles. I miss furtively discussing which boys were cute, or sometimes just keeping that boy just that much closer to my heart and have my heart skip a beat when he looks my way. I miss having grand dreams, thinking everything was possible and the adults were just meh.

I don’t feel any different, but I know I’ve aged. I feel somewhat browbeaten and a bit of a sellout for chasing mammon, not my dreams. I feel sad for not feeling intense about life. I miss you, my 白莲教,especially you, TYY, my sister in crime. I don’t know how to cross back the chasm to you when a boy came between us. Even when you’ve moved on, and have two beautiful girls of your own, I miss the closeness we once had. To you, TYY, I dedicate this song.


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