Liking isn’t loving

Liking isn’t loving
A crush isn’t true love
Falling in love’s endorphins
Not a sacred sign from above

You’re upset when he doesn’t call
You’re just angry with yourself
No rights to expectations
No right to ask or delve

You’re enamoured by a pretty face
By deeds and derring-do
A mischievous glint, an innocent wink
Nice pecs turn you to goo
(And if I were a betting man,
I’d say nice legs do the same too)

Don’t hurt like you are hurting
Don’t wish upon a star
Cos the Lord’s weird sense of humour
Could leave you both with scars

Just let it go, just be yourself
The best that you can be
Not for him or her or them but you
‘Cos you’ll have to live with me

[The last line sucks
And if you could
change it for the better
Please drop a note, I will be stoked
To amend it to the letter.]

Totally random video, just because.

Ok.  Not totally random.  Totally into Twenty Again.  The feels.  Sigh…


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