Twenty Again 두번째 스무살


The current drama I’m following is Twenty Again, a comedy about a 38-year-old woman rediscovering herself in university after having devoted the past 20 years to raising her son.  It’s halfway through its run, and so far, it’s been promising.

6-minute Preview of Twenty Again

After getting knocked up in high school due to a brief affair, aspiring dancer, Ha Nora’s shotgun marriage brought her away from her home and support network, and she became a shadow of her feisty self.  Initially enrolling in university in a bid to save her failing marriage to an uncaring husband who thinks of her as ignorant, she regains her zest for life, makes new friends, and questions the life she has blindly led for the past two decades.  Of course, this being a drama, she crosses paths with Professor Cha Hyun Seok, the boy who had a mad crush on her in high school, and has yet to get over her sudden disappearance then.

I’m at the same age as she is, and while I have no child or husband, the years seem to have passed by in a blur without my having much to show for it.  It’s nice to be reminded that life is not static, that even though we had missed our chances, it’s still possible to try again.  I’m rooting for her to get her divorce, and for Hyun Seok to seriously pursue her.  We still have a chance at life and love!

Fingers crossed for a happy ending with lots of self awakening, college hi-jinks, heartwarming friendships, and the start of a new mid-life romance!

Read recaps here:

And for a blow by blow especially on screening nights:

It’s showing on tvN on Fridays and Saturdays at 20:30, Korean time.

(And if you know where the good streaming sites are, let me know too!)


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