Drama Roundup 2015


It’s almost the end of 2015, as per tradition, nothing much has been accomplished.  Well, I did get some stuff done, but that’s for the PMP, and another post.

Anyway, here’s a list of the dramas that I’ve watched/read/dropped online and off this year.  Refer to previous post for stuff that I’m still watching.

Read & Watched (and were good)

  1. Ho-Gu’s Love
  2. Pinocchio
  3. Twenty Again

Read (and were decent)

  1. Angry Mom
  2. Kill Me, Heal Me
  3. Last
  4. Mask
  5. Oh My Ghostess

Read (and were so-so)

  1. Oh My Venus
  2. Orange  Marmalade
  3. The Producers
  4. Sassy Go Go
  5. She Was Pretty
  6. Yong Pal

Read (and were disappointing and/or dropped)

  1. Bubblegum
  2. Ex Girlfriends’ Club
  3. Girl Who Sees Smells
  4. High Society
  5. Hyde, Jekyll and Me
  6. Let’s Eat 2 (dropped)
  7. Masked Prosecutor
  8. Persevere, Gu Hae-Ra
  9. Punch (probably ok, but not my genre)
  10. Spy (dropped)
  11. Superdaddy Yeol
  12. The Time I’ve Loved You
  13. Warm and Cosy (dropped)
  14. Who Are You?

Not read, but possibly promising

  1. D-Day
  2. Hidden Identity
  3. Six Flying Dragons

Not read, but probably not a priority

  1. Awl
  2. Falling for Innocence
  3. Village: Secret of Achiara

Recaps to these dramas can be found at www.dramabeans.com.

Other sites for recaps:

Watch at dramatv.tv and www.tiveee.com.

That’s 23 drama serials just from the K-canon.  With Candy Crush, no wonder so little has been accomplished…

(And I’m ashamed to report that the one book a month has failed spectacularly too.  Have only managed to read bits of Neil Gaiman’s Trigger Warning.)

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