10(+10)-minute post: 08 – Marry Me or Not


It’s such a fun fun fun fun watch!

Cai Huanzhen (Alice Ke) is a go-getting career woman who believes that she must fight for her own happiness, whether in her career or the romance department.  Having fallen out with Hao Shengnan (Joanne Zeng), her bestie in college, over a misunderstanding (over some guy – Shengnan thought that Huanzhen warned her against her crush, only because the latter wanted him for herself), Huanzhen is on the verge of getting married.  However, their paths cross, and Shengnan ruins her wedding.  To get even, Huanzhen attempts to seduce Hao Meng (Roy Chiu), whom she knows as Shengnan’s boyfriend, Justin (Shengnan had passed him off as HER bf so as not to lose face at a reunion).  Hao Meng, a smooth divorce lawyer who doesn’t believe in love, has plans of his own – he pretends to play into her seduction ploy in a bid to stop his mom from harassing him into getting married.

So far, so convoluted.  It’s a really fun watch, because although the main characters all have their own agenda, and try to one up and second guess each other, they can’t help getting attracted to each other.  Both are forthright, and their opinions about love and dating resonate with the other, so even though they started out playacting, true feelings develop.  This kind of plot could be super hackneyed and done to death, but the sizzling chemistry between the leads has me hanging on to their next interaction (sorry about all the horrible cliches, but hey, can’t find anything more apt in 10+ minutes.)  They imbue these OTT and impossible situations with so much heart, that you just want them to get together already.

And the picture above?  Hilarious shenanigans in Ep 7 when a hot and heavy makeout session gets thwarted by someone with popcorn and the best seat to the show.  All the emotions are transitioned so deftly – heartfelt confession to passionate makeout to hilarity to frustration and tears.  Seriously, catch this as your last drama crack for the year.  It’s only 15 episodes long, and airs in Taiwan on Sunday nights, so we’re about halfway through the game.

I’ll probably write about this again sometime, so till then, catch some crack here: http://newasiantv.com/drama/marry-me-or-not.803.html

Darn – again it’s overrun past 10 minutes… more like 25… for a measly 384 words?!?


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