Marry Me, or Not?


What do you mean Or Not? Of course it’s a yes!

I seriously ♡♡♡ this show to bits! So many feels from the mega competent leads! Kudos to the superb writer!

Rom-coms are a dime a dozen, and often rely on the same tired tropes, but this writer has turned them on their heads and given EVERYTHING a fresh spin. The usual hackneyed plot devices (interfering mothers, delusional “exes”) used to force push the story into standard makjang territory has now served to strengthen the OTP’s relationship instead of creating rifts. The leads are never caricatures, but are thoughtful people who hold very valid views on love after much soul searching. Of course, the actors’ nuanced delivery helps us root for them every step of the way. Although I do fear Noble Idiocy rearing its dumbass head in the next couple of episodes…

[SPOILER ALERT!] In the preview for episode 12, the creepy CEO brother of Jiang Qianyao is seen attempting to assault Huanzhen sexually; Qianyao reveals his plans for Huanzhen to be a sacrificial lamb so that his brother’s attention would not be on Shengnan; Hao Meng’s mom is deriding her again (what’s new with that shrill harpy – thank goodness Huanzhen’s dad ended up with his zany wife and not her); and the OTP share a beautiful day out with a foreboding last scene where Huanzhen declares that she likes Hao Meng a lot. Never bodes well when trailers have this sort of declarations. Someone usually dies, leaves or goes into a coma (Secret Garden, you’ve pretty much used all of them). [END SPOILER]

【必娶女人#12 Preview】

Hoping that the last 4 episodes pack as much punch, quirkiness and heart as it has so far.


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