Not Marrying this week

Episode 13 is when sh*t hits the fan. Ok, not really, but it’s that painful episode which must happen before the cuteness can resume and the happily-ever-after can take place. Couldn’t bring myself to watch it knowing what’s to come, and only skimmed the various parts. Went to ninjareflection and ramblingthoughts to get my recap fix. But I’m glad that Huanzhen and Shengnan’s friendship shows signs of being on the mend after all the misunderstandings have been cleared. There’s really no point keeping silent and wishing for someone to always be on your side. Sometimes, explanations go a long way. Only 2 more episodes. I’m gonna miss the crackling chemistry between the leads and the bitchy frenemy plotting. Sweetness, cute bickering and comic relief please!


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