Married me! I wish!

Thoughts Ramble has a thorough recap of the ep, so head here for the full story.


Train wreck ahead?

[Spoilers after the jump]

Dear 必娶女人 ,

Thank you for having given me weeks of glee and laughter.  Your sparkling wit and zippy humour drew me in, as did your caustic observations of what made relationships work.  You had heart, electrifying chemistry, and actors who gave so much, that I was rooting for almost everyone to get what they want (except maybe Mama Hao – that was some soapy overacting).

You had your finale some time ago.  Let’s talk about the good stuff first.  I thought that it was cute that all the parents got roaring drunk together.  I also appreciated that Hao Meng’s parents gave their marriage another shot when Hao Sr realised that contrary to his beliefs, he hadn’t been a good husband.  It’s a bit trite, but it’s sweet to know that even in seemingly dire cases, there might be a glimmer of hope that old love and affection could be awoken.

Now, let me tell you how upset I was by the lack of fluffy interaction between the leads.  There was hardly any communication between them, and this stuck out like a sore thumb when the show was built on their sizzling chemistry.  What about your premise about how honest communication should trump the mind games couples play?  In this episode, things were either left unsaid, or hurled at the other with full Richter force.  Whiplash much?

Thank you for giving me a happily-ever-after.  Here comes the however: a gazillion flash mobs and iPads filled with photo montages (I don’t remember the couple taking) that constituted the very public proposal does not a fairytale make.  Even if you had budget to spare, that’s a bit of an overkill, yes?  Where’s the relevance?  I don’t get that her fears of them screwing up their relationship would just be melted away with whizzes and bangs. That didn’t quite stay true to the sharp wit of the earlier episodes, or the acerbic yet heartfelt repartee of the leads.  Felt let down by the pat and twee 必娶 ending, which didn’t really fit the kooky romance of what could have been a really Bitch-y series.

Like what I’d written to Thoughts Ramble, I’d have preferred you ended with a sweet, sincere and an unconventionally “them” reunion, with the signature ruminations on love, rather than a big bang Cinderella-esque proposal.  But that’s me being cynically unromantic.

I was also thrown off-kilter by Hao Meng feeling the pull of fate and ‘the one’ so strongly.  Not everyone feels that way, and she sure as hell didn’t, which explained her fears.  Just because love isn’t artificially constructed or manipulative, doesn’t mean it ought to be predestined.  If they didn’t have that past connection, would it mean that it wasn’t meant to be?  Couldn’t the 心动 be grounded in the present, and not the distant past?

In writing a modern parable for the jaded audiences of today, wouldn’t it be more fitting if the endnote was her philosophy of learning from past mistakes, and becoming a better partner for the next, and hopefully Right One, rather than a hackneyed rehash of it-was-love-at-first-sight-in-high-school/last-life/whenever?


Sigh.  You could have been fiery fireworks, but in choosing to trod the path well-trodden boring trope instead of trusting in your inherent Bitchiness to succeed, you ended a damp, feeble squib.  The verve, vitality, and zaniness of your earlier episodes lie forgotten against some strange unrelenting need to finally toe the line for the least imaginative ending ever.  Perhaps the perfect rom-com is but an illusion.  Even so, hope springs eternal.

Till then,



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