Descendants of the Sun Fangirling


I surrender! I’ll watch you, as long as you don’t go super makjang melo with none of the cute left.

L’s Law of Drama: when there’s a vacuum caused by the end of any fantastic crack awful serial, another promising one is bound to fill it within one human week. (Also, if your life is boringly sucky, or you have an important deadline coming up, the drama gods will bless you with some virtual escapism.)


Look at their smiles - so cute!

I haven’t quite been watching anything seriously for a while. Sure, I’m still reading recaps – Cheese in the Trap, Six Flying Dragons – but that’s chump change compared to Marry Me, or Not, which had concluded rather unsatisfactorily, at least to me. I rarely get hyped up about stuff I haven’t watched, and while I’d kinda enjoyed Secret Garden by this writer, Heirs was a hot mess, imho. So Descendants of the Sun didn’t quite rank highly on my to-watch list, even though it had Soong Joong-ki, who was totally adorable in Sungkyungkwan Scandal. Didn’t quite care for Song Hye-kyo though, cos I thought of her more as an insipid melo queen, while I’m more into comedies.

Which goes to show how thankful I am that words can be so easily eaten with only a side dish of dignity to be swallowed as well. Song Hye-kyo’s Kang Mo-yeon seems true-to-life, a friend that one might possibly have (hey, I’m not that narcissistic to even imagine I’ve half of her charm), while Song Joong-ki’s Yoo Shi-jin is the classic badass with a Past and a gooey centre that women go nutty for. Their chemistry is crackling, cute, and crush-inducing! And that’s before I’ve even watched the version with subs. Eek!


I also like the secondary OTP who are at the moment kept apart by external factors. But they’re so cute together! Jin Goo’s Seo Dae-Young is a stoic soldier and all manly swag, while Kim Ji-won’s Yoon Myung-joo is sassy and cutely bossy.


I won’t bother about the details of the plot, cos I’m fairly certain that’s gonna implode or become irrelevant at some point, which isn’t gonna matter much as long as I get my chemistry fix. But just in case anyone is interested, the boys are soldiers doing peacekeeping duties in the fictional country of Urk (which is in real life, a super gorgeous Greece), while the girls are doctors, one on a humanitarian mission, and the other a military one. See poster for reference.

Here’s hoping that Descendants of the Sun continues to deliver the goods. To cuteness, romance, bickering, smouldering looks, and makeout sessions (please please please!)!

(Very annoyed. I’d meant to spend only 10 min on this but it’s now an hour! Argh! Hate phone typing.)

Descendants of the Sun (태양의 후예) is on KBS2 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55pm (KST).


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