Descendants of the Sun Fanfic: Myung-Joo and Dae-Young (Netflix)

Couldn’t find ANY online (ok, there was one, but of some boybander in the show), and have resorted to writing my own.  Wanted something smutty, but that is beyond my power at the moment.  So here’s something totally fluff.  Or whatever.  Might be a one-shot, might have chapters.  Nothing concrete yet.

Clickbait Wannabe: Everyone thinks they’re dating, but Myung-joo hasn’t even held his hand since the wedding.  Does she have to turn to Netflix for company?

The following is riffed off the flashback in Episode 4.  Disclaimer: I hold no rights to the characters, plot or anything else associated with Descendants of the Sun.DaeYoung-MyeongJoo

“Seo Dae-young. Would you like to come over after dinner?  I’ve just subscribed to Netflix, and it’s more worth it to have more eyeballs watching…”

Dae-young’s drink almost sputtered out of his mouth.  What did he just hear?  Did she just ask to Netflix and …

Myung-joo sipped on her soju, trying to appear as casual as possible.  She kept her eyes lowered, and deliberately focused on the dish in front of her.

It was aggravating, whatever relationship they were having.  True, she had come up with the bargain – in exchange for being his date at his ex’s wedding, he’d tell Yoo Shi-jin they were dating so that her father would stop his ridiculous matchmaking.  He’d done as told, and now the whole camp was gossiping about them sleeping together.  She was peeved at first, not so much about her sullied reputation, but the fact that they had done absolutely NOTHING of that sort.  Did he not see her as a woman?  They had settled into a comfortable routine.  Every Friday, if they were free, they’d go to for dinner and drinks, usually at San Jang, where they’d gone after the wedding.  Apart from the few times she brought up the stupid rumours only for him to tease her respectfully, he had been nothing but a gentleman, and it rankled her to be friendzoned.  For goodness sake, they were still using jondaemal.  Urgh!

Dae-young said nothing, his mind whirring to come up with the right words.  Damn!  It wasn’t as if he disliked her, in fact he was crazy about her.  It took serious military level willpower to sit opposite her week after week, and NOT make a move.  Still, that didn’t change the fact that his rank was far below hers, and probably would be infinitely.  He didn’t have the requisite certificates, and thus he’d never be able to rise very much.  The silly rumours were just an amusement for the men, but to subject her to truly having to live down those trollish comments for real?  He couldn’t quite do that to her.

The silence was growing more uncomfortable as the restaurant bustled with the Friday crowd.  Myung-joo sighed and let slip a pout.  This was going as well as expected.  Asking him out was really like hitting that wall of his chest, so solid, dependable – wouldn’t she love to run her fingers down the pecs, the abs, the…  She shifted in her seat, and pouted again.

“Why don’t we go to the cinema instead?  There’s one near here.  My treat.”

Myung-joo looked up.  Dae-young looked as stoic as ever, and she glimpsed some uncertainty in his eyes, but this was certainly progress.

“Sure,” she said quickly, before he could back out of it.

They paid up, and as they strolled to the cinema, she slipped her arm into the crook of his.  Like that time, he gently brought her hand down into his palm, where it nestled comfortably before very naturally intertwining with his fingers.

She smiled, a small shy smile, and if she had been looking at him, she would have seen it mirrored on his face.

“What shall we watch, oppa?  I hear Empire of Lust is really good.”

He shot her a sidelong glance.  Oppa and a scandalous suggestion?  This girl sure didn’t waste time.

“Serious!  It’s got Jang Hyuk!”

The stars twinkled overhead.

If you like this, and have prompts for me, please leave a comment.  It would be fun to see where this goes. ^_^

Edit: I just saw her name tag on her uniform and it spells Myung Joo, so I’ve changed the spelling here according.  Sorry!

Writing notes: I realise that she never calls him oppa in the show, possibly because she’s quite independent. The movie mentioned at the end is an early 2015 show, so I’ve definitely got that detail wrong. Unfortunately, the early 2013 or 2012 shows which might match the timeline better, don’t have very suggestive names. Netflix might not have been available yet then either, but I’m pretty sure Korea would have had some kind of net/cable thingy going on. Also, it’s been mentioned before the name of the restuarant they go to. If anyone should know, please let me know! I’m pretty sure it’s not Park’s. =p

Thank you, @mylittlebu, for the name of the pub!


6 thoughts on “Descendants of the Sun Fanfic: Myung-Joo and Dae-Young (Netflix)

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  2. The name of the pub is called San Jang.
    Also i would also like to say, from the forums that I’m reading, although Myeong Joo is higher ranked than Dae Young, Dae Young has a higher pay than Shijin and if he rises up one more rank ( like Shijin’s dad,which is the highest rank for a non-commissioned officer), he would be technically higher ranked than the 5 star-general as he would be the one training those to be future generals of the country( as seen by the number of people who wanna beat him up, plus Shijin was trained by him too) and would be respected by everyone( like Shijin’s dad) so even she’s his girlfriend, if he rises up that one rank, he would be her superior( and Shijin’s )instead 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for the information, especially the part about military grades. I think that the problem is that even if DY’s rank is technically high, he still cannot command Commissioned Officers (like SJ), thus losing out in terms of actually authority. I’ve known people who’ve quit because as NCOs, the hierarchy in military service disallows them from doing more, even if they are capable.


      • Yeah that’s true. Rank may be a thing but looking at the respect that Myeong Joo ‘s dad has for Shijin’s dad, authority may be one thing but i know when DY rises up , he would sure command respect ( even from Myeong Joo’s dad side ahha)
        Enjoy reading your fics! Please continue them!<3


    • Thank you for reading! I’d like to think that (like in the show,) DY is such a dork, that MJ has to lead, but when he gets in the groove, she’s the one that’s pleasantly surprised.


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