Fangirling Descendants of the Sun’s Secondary OTP

I hate Tumblr.  Fine.  I just don’t know how to copy out the specific gifs, and it’s taking too long to research how to, so here’s (the link of) what I want, what I really really want:


I felt so bad for Myung-joo when she saw him on the tarmac.  Here she was trying all means to go to him, and there he was, “fleeing” from her.  It hurt my heart when she just forgot about being a military person, and became a woman, beating her tiny fists against his chest in desolation.  It hurt when she tugs at his wrist, and he pulls her into an embrace with that one free arm.  The longing that they had for each other was palpable.  Even if it had started as a joke, it had all become real, and not just to her.  Take responsibility, dude!  Hold her, and tell her you’re on the same page, come hell or high water.  I know you think she deserves better, but dude, she luurrrves you.  Can’t beat that, especially if you love her too.  Stop doing the noble idiot thing, and just make out up already.  We need more making out in this show!

I dunno about you, but I am a big admirer of his rock hard … chest.  Looks solid, like it could protect one from the storms of the world.  Have you seen those biceps?  And that wisp of a smile when he’s trying not to laugh at her indignation?  Can’t blame her for being obstinate steadfast in liking him.  She knows a good man when she sees him.  I want me a man like that too.  Yes, Soong Joong-ki is cute, but he doesn’t quite rock my boat the way Jin Goo does.  Too frippery and suave.

Sigh.  Till I actually meet a real-life swooner, have a good week!


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