Micro Review of The Necessary Stage and Drama Box’s Manifesto


Last night, I caught Manifesto, a collaboration between The Necessary Stage and Drama Box. No time to write a review now, but it’s an excellent discussion on art, censorship and politics.  Here’s what I liked:

  • Well scripted multi-lingual plot courtesy of Haresh Sharma
  • Tight direction from Alvin Tan and Kok Heng Luen
  • Multimedia from Loo Zihan adds to the rich subtext instead of being a distraction
  • Titling of the scenes like an artwork is a cute nod to visual arts
  • Surtitles!
  • Competent actors – Siti Khalijah was on pointe as usual, and her (comic) timing is something that is so inimitably rare and precious
  • Bonus! Interesting ‘exhibition’ on TNS’s premises that you can explore during intermission. Adds to the realism of the play by snarking on the current state of affairs on the Little Red Dot.

Kirsten Han’s article on the usual shenanigans of censorship and SG arts, in this case pertaining to the play.


Here’s her review:

It should be sold out, but if it isn’t, please get tickets to watch it. Hopefully it gets subsequent runs, and younger audience can get to watch it. I disagree with the M18 rating obviously.



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