Descendants of the Sun Fanfic 3: Myung-joo & Dae-young (Absence)

I thought I’d be more enamoured with the Song-Song couple, and while their dilemma has been painted so vividly, and multiple AU stories could form, somehow the secondary couple’s story resonates more.  There’s so much we don’t know, but there must have been a lot of happy memories, especially after the snippets on Ep 5 and 6.  Theirs is a simple, ordinary love borne from respect and friendship, and not so much of the whizz-bang kind of romance.

Clickbait Wannabe: Dae-young and Myung-Joo are dating, and he’s off on a mission.  As a soldier, she understands that he can’t be in contact when on a mission, but she still misses him.  How now?

This fluff fic is in the style of the Princess Diaries, and is related to the flashback scene in Ep 6.  Disclaimer: I hold no rights to the characters, plot or anything else associated with Descendants of the Sun.

12/11/14, Wednesday

When are you coming back? What’s the point of rank if nobody tells me anything? It’s been 2 days. I miss you soooo much! Be safe!
Sent 8:47pm

13/11/14, Thursday

Are you eating well? Don’t forget to eat. And don’t let Shijin take your food!
Sent 12:31pm

When you come back, make sure you take care of Corporal Park Dae Sung. Platoon B. That idiot bragged that your training was a piece of cake when he came for his physical. I got Medic Lee to draw his blood. Twice. His bruise was the size of an egg. ㅋㅋ!
Sent 7.25pm

14/11/14, Friday

Weather is getting chilly. Keep warm.
Sent 8:03pm

Sent 8:03pm

15/11/14, Saturday

Have I expresso’d my love for you latte-ly? ^.^
Let’s go for coffee when you’re back. I’m with Shin-hye now, but it’s not quite the same.
Sent 10:20am

Should I grow out my hair? Think I look better in long hair?
Sent 3:56pm

myung joo wedding crasher
Sent 3:56pm

16/11/14, Sunday

I went shopping today. Bought you some new clothes. It’s dapper, not dandy. Wanted to get you something brighter but doubt you’ll wear it.
Sent 9:53pm

17/11/14, Monday

I’ve put the clothes in your locker. And also some cupboard freshener. The Forest Green one. I still can’t forget your lavender smell the other time.  ^o^
Sent 8:50am

There was a new bunch of recruits today. Some dumbass tried to hit on me. Have people forgotten that we’re dating? >_<
Sent 4:45pm

18/11/14, Tuesday

We had a road march today. 23 servicemen had to drop out. That’s a record! What’s the world coming to? You’ve gotta whip them into shape!
Sent 7:53pm

19/11/14, Wednesday

I hear you’ll be back on Saturday! Not telling you which little bird told me. 3 more days till I see you again! Fighting! (^-^)V
Sent 5.22pm

20/11/14, Thursday

What do you wanna do on Saturday? There’s a new Italian place by the river? Heard it’s opened by a bunch of ex-servicemen. Or shall we stay in? ^.^
Sent 9.55pm

21/11/14, Friday

I made some japchae. It’s quite good! How strong is your stomach? ^3^
Sent 8:05pm

I wish tomorrow would come sooner. Missing you so much. ♡.♡
Sent 10:19pm

I’m back.
Sent 10:52pm

Welcome back! I thought it’s tomorrow? Are you in camp? Damn! I’ve left camp already.
Read 10:53pm

I know.
Sent 10:53pm

Wait for me. I’m coming.
Read 10:53pm

No need.
Sent 10:54pm

But I wanna see you! Just wait for me. ETA 23:25
Read 10:54pm

Nope. I’m giving you just 1 minute.
Sent 10:54pm

Read 10:54pm

Sent 10:55pm

That’s not possible!
Read 10:55pm

Yes, it is.
Sent 10:55pm

Wait. Are you

I stop typing and look out the window. There’s a lone figure on the lawn. It’s him! I’d recognise his profile anywhere!

I throw open the door and run down the stairs. It’s only 2 flights, but they’ve never seemed longer. I burst out of the building. It’s really him! And looking mighty jaunty in the clothes I got him. I run as I’ve never run before.

His arms enfold me. I hold him tight and breathe him in. He’s safe. He’s back. Thank you.

“You’re home!”

“I’m home.” He smiles.

8 thoughts on “Descendants of the Sun Fanfic 3: Myung-joo & Dae-young (Absence)

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  2. I’m so glad someone else in the world is as obsessed with these two as I am. I’m a little bit in love with Seo Dae Young.Jin Goo. Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are cute and funny, but these two that really get me.

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