Descendants of the Sun Fanfic 6: Shi-jin & Dae-young (Date)

Koala and probably some Soompi forumers have mentioned that the date was a callback to the date Dae-young promised Shi-jin if the latter didn’t answer Myung-joo’s call [in Episode 1].  I know Dae-young said they went as far as Konkuk University, whose Seoul campus is located in the southeastern part of Seoul, near the Han River, which is where lovers go for romantic dates or bad breakups, but I’m choosing to ignore that possibility for something less loaded.

Clickbait Wannabe: Rejected by Mo-yeon, Shi-jin gets Dae-young to make good on his promise of introducing air-stewardesses to him. How will the date go?

This fic is set in the time before they were sent to Urk.  (This is NOT yaoi fic. I also don’t know how to do smut yet.)  Disclaimer: I hold no rights to the characters, plot or anything else associated with Descendants of the Sun.

Shi-jin was bored. Sure, the girls were pretty, the chatter was easy, and he’d be damned if both the girls weren’t coming on to him. Still, he would much rather be in the company of a certain Dr Kang who was as sharp with her wit as she was with her scalpel.

He raised his eyebrow imperceptibly at Dae-young, who definitely noticed the look right away. Camaraderie like theirs was rare, but essential for survival in missions. Whether he’d do something about it or not was another question. Dae-young had a predilection of throwing him under the bus in social situations when literal survival was not at stake. Shi-jin had a sneaky feeling it could be revenge for all the reports he was made to write.

Five minutes later, Dae-young was still placidly sipping his tea, seemingly enjoying the company.

Damn that man! Is he really over Myung-joo? Is it time for plan B?

As if on cue, Dae-young’s phone rang.

“Salute. Yes, sir… Right away sir… Salute!”

“I’m so sorry, but I have to go back to the base… With Lieutenant Yoo.” If looks could kill, Dae-young would have been a dead man in the short pause had he not included Shi-jin in his getaway.

“Awww… That’s such a shame, oppa! We barely had time to do anything,” Shin Ji-young cooed at Shi-jin while batting her eyes coyly.

“Oppa, let’s take a photo, shall we?” the other young lady was no less accomplished at aegyo.

“Yes, let’s, oppa! What’s your number, oppa? Let’s go out again soon!”

“Shall I take the photo for you?” Dae-young offered while trying to suppress a smirk.

“Oh… It’s ok. You should be in the photo too… You’re my cousin after all.  Waiter!”

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But sometimes, a thousand words might not be enough to explain a picture.

DotS - Sj-DY (date)

Image taken off video still from Ep 10 of Descendants of the Sun.

After Dae-young dropped off the girls near Konkuk University where they shared a flat, he and Shi-jin bought beers to chill out at the Han River.

“Pshhhh… Friday night, and it’s two of us again. What a life,” Shi-jin grumbled.

“Aigoo… Who was the one who wanted to cut loose?”

“Just trying to save your hide if Myung-joo ever finds out, dude. What’s up with you two? Just make up already. She harangues me too much about you.”

Dae-young stared at the dark waters, waves lapping with a regularity that didn’t soothe. He missed Myung-joo like crazy, but like her father, he believed that she deserved better. He was an enlisted man with less than stellar credentials. With Shi-jin as his commander, he’d gotten promoted more quickly, but there was a limit to how many more ranks he could rise. Age would be slowing his reflexes too. After that, what? She’d go on to become at least a colonel, and he wasn’t sure they wouldn’t mind then. That they’d even dated this long was a minor miracle to him. He took another swig.

“How about the pretty doctor?”

“I see her all the time… on TV,” Shi-jin said lightly.


“Yeah. Women.”

They sat there companionably chugging their drinks. You could never go wrong with beer and bros.

Video credit to Phụng Tiểu Yết.


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