Dotty Grousing

Many thanks to the subbers who’ve worked tirelessly to let the non-Korean speakers understand the show mere hours after broadcast.

Warning: spoilers ahead for those who haven’t watched the end of Descendants of the Sun.

It’s only polite to start with the good bits:

  • Nobody died.
  • Lots of cute/touching moments:
    • The 4 stages of grief/relief
    • Snowy reunion
    • Crying Ki-bum
    • Offerings
    • Camping cosiness
    • Squeamish Shi-jin
    • Fanboys
    • Dancing Dae-young
    • Murderous Myeong-joo
    • Materialistic Mo-yeon
    • “Father, I’m pregnant!” (they really need to coordinate better with each other – god only knows what they do if not speak)
    • 10-20-30
    • Carwash
    • Footsie
    • Camp kissery
    • Shipwreck sexiness
    • Dae-young’s flower obsession (did nobody else notice his pinkie?)
  • Lots of callbacks – everything got tied up with pretty bows.
    • What’s-his-name-still?
    • Fatima
    • Wine kiss
    • Pissy Colonel Park (who can’t dance to save his life)
    • Report writing and the taichi-ing of it


Now for bitchery:

Much as I love my happily-ever-afters, my enjoyment is marred by the improbable plot holes sinkholes. Continuity errors aside (apparently Song Joong-ki got injured for real during filming), escape from death as PoWs can’t be quite written off in one measly flashback. How many times has he escaped death already?

  • How did the NK rescuer know where they were?
  • How did he rescue them SINGLEHANDEDLY?
  • How did Shi-jin survive fatal wounds in a battlefield
  • Which idiot enemy would operate on a dying man to keep him as PoW?
  • How did Shi-Jin locate Mo-yeon in the desert mere moments BEFORE activating his Korean phone, which should have been cut off a year ago – who’s been paying his mobile phone bills?
  • How did Shi-jin get his walkie talkie? Where was it in the reunion scene?
  • How could Dumb and Dumber travel without passports and documentation? And if they could, plus get back their phones, wouldn’t the messages be read earlier?
  • Why did these guys NOT suffer from PTSD after immense torture?
  • What kind of torture is it if they hadn’t lost more weight, or suffered more scars?


  • Myung-joo constantly carrying the last letter from Dae-young around in her breast pocket with nary a crease, EVEN AFTER he returns alive.
  • Mo-yeon still NOT having a picture of/with Shi-jin after all this time?!? With a boyfriend this pretty???

What the fishery were the writers thinking?

Yes, watching dramas require a suspension of disbelief, but if logic gets thrown out the window every time any potentially fatal medical or military related situation comes up, then it might have been better if you didn’t write in these genres. What’s the point in upping the ante on dying, when in the very next episode, the dangers were so casually dismissed?  Otherwise the fan wanking service last ep would have been an awesome end to a crack drama.

Oh, one last quibble – fourth wall breakage and volcano eruptions in Canada? I’ll bet “volcanoes in Vancouver” is gonna be in the most-searched-for list this weekend.

Finally, a word from our sponsors:

  • Soft toys (ep15)
  • Candles (ep15)
  • Nuts & Taffy (ep15)
  • Soju
  • Beer
  • Coffee
  • Car
  • Ethihad
  • Phone
  • Hotel booking app
  • Smart watch
  • Winter gear
  • Camping equipment
  • Jewellery
  • Mobile banking app
  • Red Velvet – the girl group that gets oppas into trouble with their beaus

if any further logic gets lost in dramaland…

Images from Unstoppable Sun


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