Descendants of the Sun Fanfic 8: Dae-young & Myung-joo (157)


Clickbait Wannabe: What happens in the army, stays in the army.  Unless it happens to involve rabid fanboys of aegyo girl groups and the internet. 

This fic is set in Ep 16 after the girlfriends find out about their men’s fanboy behaviour. Disclaimer: I hold no rights to the characters, plot or anything else associated with Descendants of the Sun.

Seo Dae-young knew he was a dead man. Shi-jin, bro that he was, had managed to sneak in a quick text to him about Mo-yeon finding out about Red Velvet. It was inevitable that Myung-joo would be on his case. Those two women were thick as thieves these days.

Dae-young cursed the internet. He remembered the good old days when all the evidence that remained of girl group performances in the army camps were embedded in neurons and not in bits and bytes. He didn’t actually feel guilty about enjoying the show, but he probably shouldn’t have not told her about it. Myung-joo was not unreasonable. Why, as a military doctor, she might have even prescribed such concerts as treatments for men suffering from winter blues.

The best defence was a good offence. He took a deep breath and dialed her number.

There was no answer.

He tried again.

Still no answer.

Once more.

She’d never not taken a call from him before. Dae-young frowned. He was going to have to play it cool.

There were 98 more missed calls in the next hour.

Dae-young was gyrating in wild abandon – waving his balloons with a vigour she never knew he possessed. Screaming out his love at girls he didn’t even know. At least, she didn’t think he did. As far as she was concerned, his musical preferences were deeply entrenched in the 1990s.

Myung-joo paused the video. What was it about girl groups that made boys manic sheep? And her man, of all people, he who was so frugal with open shows of affection that she had learnt to be content with mere handholding.

Sure, she’d given him an earful and put the fear of God in him when she finally answered the phone, but that was more for leverage than anything else. Where was the fun if everything was lovey dovey all the time? You needed that bit of firepower to keep things fresh and exciting.

When she got back to Korea, they were going to a dance club for sure. She might even get a private performance if she was lucky.

She played the video again and giggled at his moves. The next 157 days were going to be amusing.

I was doing some research on girl groups that performed in army camps, and came across this rather interesting article:

Image from Unstoppable Sun and GIFs from @debbsthebee.


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