Descendants of the Sun Fanfic 10: Dae-young & Shi-jin (FEO)


If Gong Yoo were Min Yoon-gi, a lunch date would pretty much mean we were engaged. 

Clickbait wannabe: An FEO would take too much paperwork, but hunting down a certain Min Yoon-gi wasn’t a problem for pros like them.

This fic is set any time after Episode 12 after the samgyetang scandal. Insert favourite K-hottie into the role of Dr Min Yoon-gi. Someone in the early to mid-30s who can be a little fey. Have fun!

Disclaimer: I hold no rights to the characters, plot or anything else associated with Descendants of the Sun.

“So, Mr Seo, I understand that you’d like to rejuvenate your looks with some … minor cosmetic procedures. Let’s see what we can do here… Ah yes. Good strong jawline, straight nose… Your features are fairly symmetrical, but your lids are a little uneven. And your eyebags… many late nights, I suppose. The most severe problem would probably be your skin, there’s quite a bit of sun damage, and it’s rather dry. It’ll make you look older for sure. And the crow’s feet… Dear me… Are you about 39 or 40? Aigoo… You’re only 35?”

Shi-jin tried to stifle a smirk as Dr Min Yoon-gi’s expert hands finished examining Dae-young’s face. Beside the flash of a glint, Dae-young’s face was inscrutable as ever.

They’d hunted down Min Yoon-gi easily enough, but an FEO would result in too much paperwork. Which led to this recon mission.

“Ah, I see your partner is supportive of your decision to take better care of yourself. I know I’m in this line, but I always say that whatever improvements should be more for oneself, than the partner.”

“What? No! He’s not- We’re not- We’re-”

“-just colleagues. We work in construction.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry. You two would make such a cute couple though. You’re very fair. Do you work in the office while Mr Seo works on site?”

“Mmm… Something like that. We just had a project in Urk.”

“Oh wow! Did you experience the earthquake then? Must have been intense!”

“It’s all in a day’s work. There were some doctors there who were really helpful though – Dr Song Sang-Hyun, Dr Kang Mo-yeon…”

“Ah yes, I remember watching some updates on Dr Kang. She looks really good on TV. Can’t believe we were classmates in school so many years ago in school.”

“Oh? Were you close?”

“Yeah. Pretty close. We were pretty inseparable in our last year.”

Shi-jin narrowed his eyes. “Really?” His voice was dangerously cool.

“Yeah. There were a few of us in that study group. We all used to joke that the library was our real home. Ah… those days…”

“Study group? But you’re a handsome guy, and she’s a good-looking gal – surely there must have been sparks.”

Dr Min chuckled. “Let’s just say that she’s not quite my type.”

“What about Dr Yoon Myung-joo? Is she your type then?” Dae-young interjected.

“Yoon Myung-joo? The army girl? You know her too?”

“She was in Urk as well.”

“Korea is so small! Urk must be small too if all of you managed to meet up there. She was my junior. In fact, she helped me out on some enlistment matters. Such a good friend she was. Too bad we’re not quite in touch now.”

“Did you date her too?” Dae-young asked a little too sharply. He was having some trouble keeping his voice neutral.

Min Yoon-gi looked affronted at the idea. “Of course not! You can’t possibly expect me to date the entire school, could you? Men and women can be friends, you know!”

Before any awkwardness could hang in the air, Dr Min continued, “Back to our consultation, Mr Seo. If you want the full works, I’d recommend IPL for the skin damage, and a micro lift for your uneven lids. A little botox for the lines would last quite a while, and the result can be amazing, yet not in an obvious way. And because you’re friends with my old classmates, I’ll offer you a generous discount. After all, if you’re going out with those ladies, you’d want to look your best, wouldn’t you?”


“No need for that look, gentlemen. If you’re not dating each other, or dating either of the mentioned ladies (I know they don’t have any brothers), your questions would be too odd, wouldn’t it? Subtlety is my forte, just like the work I do. So how about that IPL?”

Shi-jin stifled a snigger as they left the clinic. In days of yore, one’s wallet would be considerably lighter after incurring a large expense. But in the age of virtual credit, only Dae-young’s complexion could be described that way.


Thanks for reading this. I’m sorry this isn’t as satisfactory as I’d hoped it would be. My characterisation for Min Yoon-gi is that of a gay man, whose actions were accidentally interpreted as romantic overtures by the girls. Even though by this time he’s not quite in the closet, there’s still some stigma to homosexuality in Korea. Most gay Asians don’t announce their sexuality to new friends or prospective clients in the first place, so I thought it would be more realistic to leave him slightly ambiguous instead of being out and proud.

Apologies if I have inadvertently used stereotypes and offended anyone.


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  2. Hey, just wanna leave you a message to say that I liked the way you characterised Min Yoon Gi. A cute way of wrapping up the who-dated-who mystery of MYG, KMY and YMJ. Thanks for writing, keep it up! 🙂 I really enjoyed your drabbles.

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