Recent TV dramas

Just a quick list of stuff I’ve caught (partially or in full), or am watching:

  1. Oh Hae-young Again (ongoing)
    Lots of heart, great atmosphere, nice twists, wonderfully weird supporting characters. As long as the second leads don’t go all vengeful, it should be still fun.
  2. Mirror of the Witch (ongoing)
    I hear it’s got great mood, visuals and story, so I’m reading the recaps at Dramabeans.
  3. Beautiful Gong Shim (ongoing)
    Namgoong Min not a psychopath of sorts? A bit hard to swallow, but he seems to have some chemistry going with Minah, so here’s keeping fingers crossed. Sporadic watches, with recaps at the mothership.
  4. My Amazing Boyfriend (run ended)
    Zany Chinese drama. They usually start off cute, sag in the middle, and the ending is meh. Haven’t finished watching/reading it yet, but will probably just zoom in on the fun bits (cos 28 episodes). Check out some new recap blogs I found: Cyn LynnDawn’s Life and Setting Free.
  5. Ms Temper and Nam Jung Gi (run ended)
    It’s a workplace drama with a lot of heart of what one needs to do to survive in the cutthroat world of today. Review of first eps on Ninja Reflections here.
  6. Marriage Contract (run ended)
    All heart, no brain. Still, I teared.
  7. The Imperial Doctress
    Supposedly the Chinese version of Jewel in the Palace, this one falls short on many counts. I like Liu Shishi, but this seems like a mishmash of Sound of the Desert and Legend of Zhen Huan, with changes to dynasty, jobs and names.
    Strongwilled and smart female lead trying to overcome prejudices of the era – check.
    Powerful men in love with her – check.
    Obsessed foreign suitor – check.
    Scheming women in the palace – check.
    Last woman standing – check.
    A gazillion episodes – check.
    Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much chemistry or skinship, so screw it, not gonna brave the gatrafrillion episodes. I did skim some of the earlier episodes though. Also spoiler for the last episode: pffft. I don’t really care by this point.

Not going into these:

  1. Lucky Romance
    Seems too trite and tropy. Might give up reading too.
  2. Jackpot
    Premise sounds lame. What’s-his-name is still a bit off these days, and not interested in the baby (Yeo) Jin-gu.
  3. Dear My Friends
    It sounds like a wonderfully rich premise, having all the old-timers tell their stories. Sure to have lots of life lessons. But possibly too much on the feels for me at this point in time.
  4. Monster
    50 episodes. Nuff said.
  5. Vampire Detective
    Does the vampire know he’s one? Apparently that’s a common grouse at quite a few sites.
  6. Flower in Prison
    I like period dramas, but I doubt there’ll be making out. And that is a priority at this moment in time when I am getting NONE irl.
  7. Entertainer
    Love Ji Sung. But the pairing is weird. Apparently story-wise things are going south too.

What are you watching?


3 thoughts on “Recent TV dramas

  1. I am yet to start mirror witch…so far most dramas sound “tropey ” even though, there hyped up. So watching more of old dramas…a rerun of dramas whose plots were engaging and not nonsensical.


    • I know what you mean. However, their stronger plots might be due to us having been younger and more impressionable. Of course, it could also be that they are the gems of that era too, far better than their counterparts then and some of the drivel now. I’ve got my favourites too – Long Vacation, Buffy, Friends – for when the nostalgia hits.

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