Mini Review of Oh Hae-Young Again

oh2bhae2byoung2bagainWell, I never.

Even the character posters hold so much subtext and hints on the story arc of each character… Goes to show how well planned the plot was! There might be spoilers ahead, or there might be none, depending on how you read it…

OHYA started quirky, but became kinda blah from the somewhat immature destructive behaviour of the female protagonist (even though it was well acted by Seo Hyo-jin). Growth and breakthrough was achieved by the male lead, though his leaden wooden impassive acting left much to be desired. (Fans of Eric Mun would probably defend his acting as stoic, but there’s only so much deadfish eye that I can take.) Wish the other OHY had a little more screentime, given that her backstory was also full of pathos.

The side characters on the other hand, provided lots of fun moments, and you grow to empathise with the eccentric shrew and the recalcitrant playboy. You see unconditional parental love in its many forms – some possibly painfully familiar, and even the seemingly most selfish manipulative bitch of a mother could become a lioness to protect her progeny. The 2-episode extension sapped the zippy storyline of some zest, but still, one could see that the story had been well plotted from the word go.

My new to-watch actress is Ye Ji-won, who is somewhat mature, but steals all the scenes she’s in with irreverent verve. She was also the office supplies lady in The Producers who defended every single piece of A4 paper with vigour, and ended having a torrid affair with a younger hunk of a producer.

I love the ending – the twist right at the end was totally unexpected, but it dovetails to reinforce the main message of the series – that while there might be such a thing as fate, personal agency also plays a large role in how one’s life turns out.

Till the next show.


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