Thoughts on Mirror of The Witch Episodes 15 and 16

Spoilers ahead.

The latest episodes are still action packed, but the number of fun moments have decreased significantly. True, there was a cute scene of Heo Jun and Monk concocting the truth serum, and another of Monk sputtering to vagabond girl, but that was about it. VERY SERIOUS STUFF going on.


I was rather surprised by this week’s theme that life is a matter of choice and that one chooses constantly. Despite Poong-yeon’s heartbreak in having Yeon-hee turn from an innocent who hung to his every word into a mature adult who makes up her own mind, he was able to decide rationally that Hong Joo’s words were merely seductions aimed at manipulating him into becoming her puppet and carrying out her will. I was rather disappointed last week that he seemed to have succumbed to Hong Joo’s claims that Yeon-hee would revert to her innocent self if he used his Holy Fire to cast out the cursed witch in her. Glad that he wasn’t such a pig after all. Jun also faced his own personal trial, which he overcame admirably. So gratifying to see the Scooby gang finally team up. About time! Start sharing information responsibly, instead of wallowing in despair. More heads are better!

If Sir Choi had known all along the source of Hong Joo’s black magic, why didn’t he break that root from the beginning, and only revealed the information now? Starting to think that the plot makers (i.e. writers) are winging it a bit. Still, both camps learn and adapt their plans accordingly.

I would like to see more of Sol Gae’s back story – just having her confess isn’t half as fun. I suspect that she might make a reappearance later – sacrificing her life to save Poong-yeon. Stupid redemption plot line perhaps.

Hong Joo is another complex character whose depths have not been plumbed . What was she trying to achieve with all the black magic? Why did she save the girls and what has she done to make them so loyal to her? Don’t make her just some generic Big Bad – we need to see pathos!


One disappointment (but not pertaining to these 2 eps) is the actress who plays the Queen (Dowager). Her range is rather limited and she can’t quite portray the complexity which the queen faces very well. She acquitted herself adequately in the earlier part when she was still the young Queen, but her face is too youthful to portray someone who’s survived 20 odd years of palace politicking. Not enough gravitas.

Hoping the last 4 episodes are good!


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