Drama Whinging

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Drama – I’m breaking up with you for a bit. I’ve had enough of you toying with my heart – all those unfulfilled promises of promising premises, and horrible endings that make my past weeks of rabid fanchasing all in vain… Sigh… Maybe that’s why people stick to soaps – mindless drivel, but so steadfast in its predictability.

Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers…

Mirror of the Witch – your timeline is a bit screwy towards the end, ain’t it? Not enough time for cute, eh? How is it possible to traverse from the temple cave to random forest chalet to city market in such a short time, plus have time to distill the potions? No uber or wands here! And what was Hong Joo’s ultimate purpose? If it was to shake up the system. she could have done so in the 20 odd years that she was serving as a shaman. Instead, she held her own dictatorship. Also, where did Sir Choi get his last burst of energy despite having run out of his own life force and Hong Joo’s black magic? And how does Yeon-hee’s sacrifice solve everything? And if she didn’t die, why didn’t she reunite with Heo Jun? 왜?!?

Lucky Romance – you are neither lucky nor romantic. Your denouement of taking fate into one’s own hands should have been spread out over several episodes instead of making Bo Nui spiral into insane decision making, including leaving an injured man at the side of the road. Seriously, Su-ho (Ryu Joon-yeol) is wasted on you. So is Lee Soo-hyuk on this drama. All of you could have done better! What could have been an interesting discussion between fate vs coincidence, human effort vs letting things be, science vs superstition, has instead degenerated into a lame emo hole of noble idiocy. And then you have the last ditch attempt at salvaging the hole which you’ve dug yourself into. ARGH!!!! FAIL!!! MEGA FAIL!!!

Beautiful Gong Shim – the focus has shifted so far away from her that Life in Andante might have been more appropriate. It’s not particularly bad, just that we know exactly who the baddie was right off the bat, and there was very little mystery or stakes at hand. A serviceable rom-com for when you’re bored and want to rest your brain.

Police Unit 38 – SEO IN GUK!!!!!! Bad Guys redux! But something smells off somewhere. Maybe the DHL scams could take a leaf out of it though…

Doctors – this is one of those popular shows where you either love or hate, and as I’m a fan of nobody here, I’m skipping my doctor’s appointment.

Beautiful Mind – I love me some intense Jang Hyuk, but while the plot seems twisty, there isn’t that spark to grab my stone cold heart. Sorry.

Wanted – nothing here that I really want, thank you. (Plus a sneaking suspicion that it will end with a horrible lack of logic ala God’s Gift – 14 Days…)

Uncontrollably Fond – I think it looks interesting, but not fond of the eventual tearjerking makjang fest. Kim Woo-bin and Suzy seems chemically compatible though.

Bring it on, Ghost – the most promising of the lot, but maybe cos it’s only 2 eps in. The chemistry is cute, but I think eventually there won’t be enough plot to go on.

The Good Wife – adaptations usually are fairly fail-safe. The plot’s already laid out, and you can pick and choose at the best bits. Still, remember The Time We Were Not in Love and Cheese in the Trap?

How’s your drama lately? Hope it’s loads better!


2 thoughts on “Drama Whinging

  1. Awesome post. I do agree with all. Hence, my only interest in Police unit 38 which is shaping up nicely well after a couple of marathon to catch up. I think this drama is best to marathon it and not watch twice a week because it loses its momentum dur to the style of the drama


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