Your Home Is My Business (First Impression)

Word-eating in progress. Think I’ll just watch the beginnings of serials. Usually they’re the most fun bits until writer block hits.


家売るオンナ is such an odd little show. Keiko Kitagawa stars as an expressionless real estate agent, Sangen’ya Machi, whose motto is “There isn’t a house I can’t sell”. Recently transferred to the Tokyo office, she proves her reputation as the top agent from the word go, matching the right home to the client even if the client was demanding or the home was less than ideal. Her shrewd understanding of the human psyche coupled with a slightly amoral manipulation of her clients was fun to watch, only because it ultimately did help them to get the home that was right for them.

Plot wise, this is more of an office comedy with house(s)/client(s)-of-the-week set against an overarching storyline. There’s the soft-hearted section chief, Yoshiro Dai, who is aghast at Sangen-ya’s hazing old-school way of training noobs. Do the hardass methods of yore produce better results than being humane? It’s also likely be a story about growth – Sangen-ya’s growth to be more empathetic, Nikano’s (a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed noob) to be a successful agent, and Shirasu’s (a completely useless noob) to take pride in her work (and not be a “strawberry”). Romance will probably not take centre stage here; after all, the poster did feature only her. There also appears to be some mystery surrounding Sangen’ya – what’s her connection to a mansion where there had been multiple murders?

The direction and acting in the show is quite exaggerated, almost to the point of being cartoon-like. Wind blows through Sangen-ya’s hair whenever she yells “go”.

Overall, it’s a fairly easy watch but I did forward parts where the other colleagues were talking. Hope there’s a good plot with morals there.

Your Home is My Business is shown on NTV every Wednesday at 22:00 (+9.00 UTC).


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