Why I am not earning big bucks

Yes, we all know why lah.

Quick post, just for addiction’s sake.  Fine. I lied. A ten-minute post has burgeoned to… let’s not go there…

I’m kinda enjoying Second to Last Love, starring Ji Jin-hee (whom I had a crush on in Dae Jang Geum) and Kim Hee-ae. About diametrically different middle-agers who after focusing on family and career, accidentally fall in love. It’s cute, cos I’m closer to their age, so no guilt about salivating over boys almost young enough to be my son had I decided to be promiscuous at the very onset of puberty. If only they would reduce the shine on Kim Hee-ae’s makeup…

Also enjoying Cinderella and the Four Knights, a classic story about a feisty Candy that chaebol heirs fall over. It’s a bit Boys Over Flowers meets You’re Beautiful. Story’s kinda wafer thin, execution a little dated, with pacing that might be a tad slow, but still, it’s a nice candyfloss series that’s cute with its execution of tropes. Well, except for the not-much-fighting-when-mean-girls-pounce-on-you bit, and the gratituous use of flashbacks. Ignore the first couple of eps where Jung Il-woo basically just glowers sullenly (was he channelling Edward? If so, congrats at the meta), and start the fanfic machines running when he oozes enough bad boy charisma to enchant an entire Olympic stadium. Ahn Jae-hyun has also found his footing as the irrepressible playboy (who obviously has past hurts that only the Candy Eun Ha-won can heal). Second female lead is urgh-inducing though. Maybe her memo said to go full emo melo, or it’s just a darned lazy scriptwriter, or maybe she just doesn’t have enough skill to make us feel that she’s more than a one-dimensional caricature.

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds also is a nice fluffy watch so far. Nothing too heavy-going, but given that it’s a sageuk set in the palace, there’s no snowball’s chance in hell that political intrigue isn’t gonna set in. Enjoy the cute puppies of Park Bo-gum and Kim Yoo-jung as they frolic in innocence now. I really like her style of acting – it’s very natural, and nothing looks forced.

Others on the watch list includes:

W – Two Worlds: Are you sure there’s only two? Everything is colliding and conflating. Will logic prevail?

Your Home is My Business: Still quirky. Lessons learnt every week. But what IS her deal?

Jealousy Incarnate: Erm, I’m not a fan of any of the leads, but Gong Hyo-jin is a powerhouse. She portrays vulnerability and steeliness like no actress I’ve seen. I teared at the last bit where she felt so hopeless and overwhelmed. Not hopeful that the story will be good (cos not particularly excited by the writer and PD, who have already included a ridiculously long and superfluous scene involving badly spoken Thai in the all-important first episode – hey, kinda like this sentence! =p). Still, I hope the underdog story about trying to make it in broadcasting will prevail, rather than the rather flimsy love triangle bit, which is a bit of a stretch, given the noona-romance scenario with yes, yet another chaebol heir.

Bring It On, Ghost: Well, it’s middling, but I never had high hopes, so no hard feelings. Last eps this coming week, so let’s finish it off well, yeah? Fighting!

Photo credits to the respective websites.


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