The case for polyandry


Well, to begin, there’d be so many pleased cake eaters. Also, since men are supposedly less emotional and more rational, there shouldn’t be as much jealousy or backstabbing as a harem of women. (Actually even if there were only two double-X chromosomers, it’d still be a makjang melo soapfest.) Plus men make more money than a woman doing the same job, so it just makes more economic sense.

Top five recent reasons for polyandry are:

1. Jealousy Incarnate
Lee Hwa-shin and Go Jung-won are besties to begin with, and both would be sad without our kind-hearted and bubbly Pyo Na-ri. She’s had a 3-year crush on the former (whose stone-cold heart is finally thawing) and the latter is sexily sweet on her. She likes both! Threesome ftw!

2. Fantastic
When a girl wants to be Queen Uija of the 3,000 consorts, stopping at two is beyond frugal. With hotshot foot-actor Ryu Hae-sung’s devotion and cancer-surviving Dr Hong Joon-ki’s immaculate care, drama writer Lee So-hye will have more than a fighting chance against Stage 4 lung cancer. Or she could just eat popcorn while watching them try to one up winning her affections. (To be fair, I believe the kind doctor was expressing interest more to give her hope for fighting, but now that Hae-sung is in the fray, he might be secretly relieved.)

3. Moonlight Drawn By Clouds
Arrogantly brainy Crown Prince. [Check]
Protective oppa who’s just as cute. [Check]
Enigmatically swoony bodyguard. [Check]
Best part is the boys are kinda friends already. If only our Ms Hong Ra-on had eyes for anyone other than the Crown Prince…

4. Scarlet Heart some long name or other
Just give Su the lot – So, Wook, Baek – all brothers anyway. No worries about genetic purity of her lineage if she’s Queen…

And something from a not-so-distant past…

5. Reply 1988
If you ask me, both Jung-hwan (Ryu Jun-yeol) and Taek (Bogummy) are wasted on Deok-sun (Hyeri), but hey, whatever it takes to quell one of the fiercest fan wars in K-drama. Leave the bickering to her and Jung-hwan. Taek could probably do with the mothering… And possibly fathering.

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