Droll Troll

Jealousy Incarnate is just upping the ante week on week. It’s got a deliciously dry and droll humour which hits you at the most unexpected moments. Super weird blend of absurdist comedy.


Spoilers ahead.


Although the trailer for Ep 11 hinted at the male leads’ falling out, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Hwa-shin does nothing despicable, but instead confesses to Jung-won about his feelings for Na-ri. Jung-won doesn’t hold back either, alternately berating Hwa-shin for not reciprocating her feelings for 3 years, and introducing a woman he liked to him. This culminates in a muddy brawl where the two buddies work out their frustrations, but not before you see a literal triangle formed by their positions, with a muddy faced Na-ri at the apex. Seriously, that’s what the two eligible alphas were fighting for?


I’m also in love with Hye-won, the sassy news announcer who wants to team up with Hwa-shin for the 9pm anchor position. She’s such a hoot! A straight-talker who doesn’t mince her words or backstab anyone (at least not yet), Hye-won has become a sounding board of sorts for the frazzled Hwa-shin. I love how she tried to goad Hwa-shin into confessing, stood up for him in front of Jung-won, and covered his ass in front of everybody else. If that’s not what a friend should be, then the definition of friendship needs changing. She also hilariously refuses to leave the studio during the men’s confrontation, telling them she wants to watch. All she’s missing is popcorn.

The other side characters are also wonderfully written and acted. Pal-gang’s mom and step-mom have come to a temporary truce, sniping only at fairly harmless stuff. I laughed when Stepmom snitched to Grandma that birth-mom had been devouring the dumplings (that Grandma made specially for Pal-gang), and I was touched when she decided not to mention at the parent-teacher meeting that SHE was also Pal-gang’s mom in order not to embarrass her. Instead, she claimed the motherless Chi-yul for her own and expressed her support when teacher told her that Chi-yul could qualify for medical school. Despite being the smartest kid, Chi-yul has decided to forego medical school so as not to burden Na-ri. It may be vignettes, but they are done so well, and adds such layers to the characters. (Well, except for Jung-won’s mom and “fiancee”. Those two seem to be a write-off.)

I also love how each action has repercussions, even if they are not immediate. Case in point was Hwa-shin’s drunken antics in the previous episodes. Having that elevator full of catty women he’d propositioned was just hilarious!

Looking forward to the next ep!


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