Screw the romance, bromance please!

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How many times have I raved about Jealousy Incarnate already? Male leads who show open affection for each other? Woot! Can this bromance ship sail already?

It’s such a cute show. All the characters are all wonderfully real and flawed with the exception of bitch chaebol mom; that one is just a plot device. May the writer take pity on her and make her more rounded.

Despite Na-ri’s unusual stickiness to and unawareness of Hwa-shin this week, it was refreshing to see the male leads reaffirm their friendship despite the jealousy and insecurity that liking the same girl has brought about. Their efforts to settle it like adults while behaving like boys was too hilarious. For sure, there’ll be more drama (hur), and probably from Na-ri’s end after coming across the wall of drawings. I would have melted for sure.

Some bits I enjoyed from Eps 12 in no particular order:

Quiznos! Is Subway gonna appear in the next ep? Hee!

I was also amused by Beom’s enterprising nature. At ₩3,000 a picture, he would have made ₩36,000. That makes him a millionaire in kiddy terms.

Jung-won’s insistence that Na-ri blows her nose into his fingers was ickily funny. Now that he knows of her crush on Hwa-shin, he might see her bickering with his bestie in a different light, and try to wiggle closer to her heart. Is this the parallel to how farts drew Na-ri and Hwa-shin closer, or how one was more organic while the other is more deliberate?

I’m glad that Hwa-shin’s mom found his prescription. Hopefully she does some sleuthing, and supports her son through this difficult time. She obviously still cares for him. Food = Love, yeah? And she seemed to have made a small mountain of it.

Talking about the moms, how fun is it that Lee Mi-sook and Park Ji-young are having such awesome chemistry playing rivals in all aspects of their lives? I first saw Lee Mi-sook in Cinderella’s Sister, and she put in so much nuance in her character that I wish the show was Cinderella’s Stepmother instead. Park Ji-young is also currently playing the evil Queen Yoo in Moon Lovers, a huge departure from her motherliness here (her claws are only for work).

And Chef – his damned player tendency is rearing its head (snigger) with the efficacy of French viagra. How blatant of him to declare that he’s scoping out both women in order to suss out who would be the better mom to Pal-gang. Pfft.

Not so excited about Na-ri’s overreactions in her interactions with Hwa-shin, especially in Ep 11. We get it – she sees him as a way to atone for not having been able to save her mom. But don’t beat us over the head with her obtuseness.

One of the fab songs from the OST, Lovesome by Ra.D:



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