Stretching out the Jealousy


Quick update on Jealousy Incarnate eps 21-22. 

The pace is slowing down a bit, and what seemed like throwaway gag at the beginning of the series have now hit payoff.

I love that the phishing story was brought back in such an amusing way. No way in hell would I have expected it to happen like that. Thumbs up to the writer(s) for such attention to detail.

Not particularly enamoured by the quirky romance between Chef and stepmom Ja-young, though. I think either the subtitling or the logic’s a bit off though – asexuality isn’t quite like that.

I love scenes with little Beom. He’s adorable. Also, the little snow people. Very sweet proposal. Wait, that WAS a proposal, right?

Also, the lift of brides was hilarious. Just when you thought it might be a dream sequence, it turns out it isn’t. The daggers Na-ri shoots at Hye-won is hilarious. As are the snarky comments flying around.

I love how objective Hwa-shin is when it comes to Na-ri’s job. Even though she had worked her ass off doing the fine dust report, he objected to her changing of the script. She took it well, and understood that it was for her own good. I love this dynamic they have.

I feel really sorry for Hwa-shin – that he gets hit with one obstacle after another. I don’t quite understand why he has to suffer it alone. Goals change, and if Na-ri were the one who was infertile, I doubt he’d walk away. I wish he would talk to Na-ri frankly instead of speaking in parables. She’s someone who doesn’t always catch subtlety.

How the breast cancer subterfuge gets exposed is so well-plotted. Actually, it’s fairly good timing. The treatments are finally over, which means they’ve had time to bond as a couple, and because Na-ri’s job is at stake, it makes Hwa-shin’s confession that much more moving. Don’t go to Kenya, but if you do, see some cool giraffes!

And the male breast cancer report and confession? Heartbreaking. Cool dance moves at the end though.

Wishes for the last lap:

  1. Happily ever after for Hwa-shin and Na-ri.
  2. Pal-gang to live happily with both moms.
  3. Chef – don’t really care very much what happens here.
  4. More fun Hye-won scenes please! Love her!
  5. Jung-won to stop being morose.
  6. Assistant Cha and Nurse Oh to have a meet-cute. Their eye-rolls would be epic.

Looking forward!

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