Micro Review: Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon

Strong Woman Bong-Soon is a cute fluffy rom com whose leads sizzling chemistry made up for the often pointless meandering sub-plots and supporting characters.

Park Hyung-shik plays Prince Min Min, the ultimate fangirl fantasy with such aplomb and cheekiness laced with the right amount of sensitivity that he’s probably going to top the chart of favourite male characters of 2017. Not that Park Bo-young as the titular strong woman wasn’t well acted. She brought spunkiness to a sorely underwritten character who could have been utterly memorable, like Do Min-joon had been in You From Another Star. Ji Soo is in yet another thankless second lead role, and was given opportunity to shine only towards the end.

It’s really quite sad that with such a stellar cast, so little was accomplished besides the squeeing over the cuteness of the couple.

Till the next one!



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