Washing Up (or an ode to assistant writer Ji-ho)


Se-hee admired the efficiency of Ji-ho’s washing up. Such economical use of water, detergent and effort to produce such cleanly washed tableware and utensils. He, on the other hand, though meticulous in his cleaning, could not match her speed or efficiency. Se-hee was utterly impressed. How did she do it? he wondered as he tried to observe her methods. What was her magic algorithm?

Ji-ho was weirded out. She could feel Se-hee’s intent stares across the dining table boring holes into her back as she did the washing up.

Well, we’ve established that he’s not interested in me, so it can’t be sexual. I don’t think I’ve got a wedgie that he’s too polite to point out either. Does he have an eye infection? Am I using too much water? Darn… She cleared her throat.

“Er, you’ve been looking in this direction for a while. Am I doing the washing up wrongly?”

“On the contrary. I believe you’re the most efficient dishwasher I’ve ever met. I was just trying to understand your process,” Se-hee pronounced seriously.

Ji-ho was tickled. Here was a man much awed by such a simple thing. Any idiot could wash, couldn’t they? But perhaps not as well as she could, she mused, after all, she’d started helping out with chores as soon as she could understand instructions. In fact, she was pretty sure she learnt motor skills from putting toys away.

So engrossed was she in her thoughts that she didn’t realise that he’d come up to the sink and taken the sponge from her soapy hands.

“I’d like to test out my observations on the efficiency of your method.”

Electricity coursed through as her fingers grazed his. They shared an intense look.

“Anyone could do it, with enough practice,” she replied modestly. “Plus PPL detergent is really good. You just need a tiny squeeze to wash everything. It doesn’t hurt the hands either, and smells really fresh!”


I wrote this a couple of weeks back after watching the first two weeks of Because This Is My First Life. Wanted to write something romantic, but this is the best I could muster. Sorry!

(image credit: http://my.castko.com/)


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