Drama Bugbear: Forehead Kiss

I’ve always been annoyed with the forehead kiss – is the female lead a midget (no offence to the under-tall) whose lips the hero cannot reach? It feels uncomfortably patronising and parental – as if the recipient is a baby in need of protection vis a vis the fairy godmother or godfather. Also, as someone who’s suffered acne way into her 30s, I can’t imagine anyone kissing a zitty forehead – the eponymous T-zone of oil production. Or risking a huge breakout from oily lips. Yikes!


Definition of Drama Crack


Every drama fiend has their drama crack. *shrug* Nothing new under the sun. I’ve had my share of crack drama over the years – Long Vacation, Buffy, Coffee Prince, Descendents of the Sun, and more recently This is My First Life – and I’ve never really thought too hard about it. There’s that special something that hooks you – chemistry in the OTP (or secondary pairing or a doomed ship), excellent plot, nuanced acting – despite certain flaws which may detract from your enjoyment.

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First Impressions on Autumn 2017 K-dramas

I totally wanna write fan fiction for Because This Life Is Our FirstIt’s a really cute story, and I can totally identify with the male protagonist – if one were more logical instead of having unrealistic expectations or playing mind games, life would be simpler. He’s like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory – love is some fuzzy wuzzy concept that makes no sense, but when you find someone who gets you and can connect on an intellectual level, you’re totally gonna be putty, or as putty as your melting point would go. Jung So-min imbues her struggling writer character with such pathos that anyone who’s gone through their 20s and 30s trying to find their place in the world will emathise. Could care less about Ho-rang, who exemplifies the type of brainless females that have put Sehee off dating. I’m excited to see how he cohabitation hijinks evolve into love with a solid foundation. Continue reading


The case for polyandry


Well, to begin, there’d be so many pleased cake eaters. Also, since men are supposedly less emotional and more rational, there shouldn’t be as much jealousy or backstabbing as a harem of women. (Actually even if there were only two double-X chromosomers, it’d still be a makjang melo soapfest.) Plus men make more money than a woman doing the same job, so it just makes more economic sense.

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