What I like about you

I like the way you kiss me
I like the way you think
I like the way you navigate
past the Second Link

I like that you are nutty
your ambition and your drive
I like that hippy dreamer
where conspiracy theories thrive

So wouldn’t it perfect
wouldn’t it be nice
if you were were just one person
and not split among five


WiP: and it’s now like three; five is just for rhyming purposes. =D



Too strange to be regular
Too norm to be a freak
What you think that I should be
Is just an optical trick

I thought I wanted normal
I thought that I would fit
But I am neither here nor there
I’m not a one-way street

I twist and I meander, though
Gerrymander I do not
The path straight and narrow
Is not meant to be my lot

I flit here, and I flutter there
Rules I often flout
I question, dispute, challenge, seek
That’s what I am about

I see now it is madness
To be what one is not
I’m so not the sweet young thing you seek
So this has got to stop

I thank you for the happiness
That the past few weeks have brought
I thank you for the thoughtfulness
Your love was what I’d sought

But now I realise belatedly
That I can’t pay the price
To be someone I know I’m not
I can’t quite tell those lies

And it is with a heavy heart
That I bid you goodbye
I can’t not think, I’m who I am
My love, you can’t deny