Movie Review: Zombiepura


The Singapore film industry is a small one, and if you ask any Singaporean which local films they have watched, the usual suspects would include I Not Stupid or Ah Boys to Men (if you were more mainstream and Chinese speaking), and 12 Storeys15, or Ilo Ilo (if you were more arthouse). Crazy Rich Asians might have put Singapore on the radar, ultimately it’s a Hollywood film with an equally Hollywood sensibility. Which is why I’m always excited when a new Singaporean film shows up on the horizon.

In Zombiepura, Singapore’s first zombie flick, a lazybones reservist and his fanatic sergeant have to fight to survive when their isolated army camp is infected with a zombie virus.

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Drama mama

Dramas I’m following (i.e. reading about) now:


Bad Guys – Not to be confused with Bad Guy, this gritty crime thriller pits an unorthodox police chief with his crack team of hardened criminals against the most heinous serial killers. And the reason why criminals are working with the man in blue? They get time off their sentences for each sick bastard they catch. But what’s their connection with each other? What’s the deep dark secret that will eventually turn them on one another? Why can’t the dishy serial killer remember what he did? Mysteries abound…

Post-show comment: Thrilling to the last!
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