The Greatest Jealousy of All

The last eps were daebak!

Sure, there were bits I didn’t quite like, but narratively they made sense. And it’s the sort of ending Marry Me, or Not should have aimed for.

More later.


The case for polyandry


Well, to begin, there’d be so many pleased cake eaters. Also, since men are supposedly less emotional and more rational, there shouldn’t be as much jealousy or backstabbing as a harem of women. (Actually even if there were only two double-X chromosomers, it’d still be a makjang melo soapfest.) Plus men make more money than a woman doing the same job, so it just makes more economic sense.

Top five recent reasons for polyandry are: Continue reading


Bravo, Jealousy Incarnate!

*Slow clap*

And the public announcement service of the year goes to Jealousy Incarnate!

They’ve done a fab job of raising awareness for breast cancer in the most entertaining way possible. Don’t want to give it all away, but episode 3 is a killer. It’s part of the story arc, at least at the beginning of the series, so kudos to the writers (and likely the health promotion board) for presenting a grim topic in such an open way. Chest Thumbs up!