Thoughts on Search: WWW

I love Search: WWW for one very simple reason – the protagonists are kickass women who are professional in their jobs, but are complicated in their thoughts, as well as in their dealings with each other.


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Thoughts on Memories of the Alhambra

(This is really late, sorry!!)

What happens when augmented reality AR bleeds into real life? Twisty and convoluted, Memories of the Alhambra seems to be the latest k-drama crack that anyone interested in a good story (or Hyun Bin’s dimples) should check out.

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Washing Up (or an ode to assistant writer Ji-ho)


Se-hee admired the efficiency of Ji-ho’s washing up. Such economical use of water, detergent and effort to produce such cleanly washed tableware and utensils. He, on the other hand, though meticulous in his cleaning, could not match her speed or efficiency. Se-hee was utterly impressed. How did she do it? he wondered as he tried to observe her methods. What was her magic algorithm? Continue reading


First Impressions on Autumn 2017 K-dramas

I totally wanna write fan fiction for Because This Life Is Our FirstIt’s a really cute story, and I can totally identify with the male protagonist – if one were more logical instead of having unrealistic expectations or playing mind games, life would be simpler. He’s like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory – love is some fuzzy wuzzy concept that makes no sense, but when you find someone who gets you and can connect on an intellectual level, you’re totally gonna be putty, or as putty as your melting point would go. Jung So-min imbues her struggling writer character with such pathos that anyone who’s gone through their 20s and 30s trying to find their place in the world will emathise. Could care less about Ho-rang, who exemplifies the type of brainless females that have put Sehee off dating. I’m excited to see how he cohabitation hijinks evolve into love with a solid foundation. Continue reading



Yeon-kyung put on the hanbok as Im and the kids waited outside.

At this rate we’re going, I could probably open a hanbok rental company in Seoul… I should probably wear some light pieces of gold or silver more – at least that’d pay for all the clothes and stuff that we always need to get here. Wonder where he gets his money from – bartering acupuncture services, perhaps? she mused.

Her mind turned to Im. Last night, she had woken and seen him checking on the sleeping Kang and tucking Dam in.

He’d be a great father one day… Aish! Why did I think that? she chided herself for her stray thought as she absently tied her hair into a chignon.

“Let’s go!” she announced brightly as she stepped out of the hut, holding out her hands to the children.

Im looked at her and smiled.

Yeon-kyung is so pretty. My Yeong-kyung is so pretty. My wife is so pretty.

He blushed as he followed behind.


What’s your year end drama crack?

Was so pleased with Jealousy Incarnate, that I don’t really have any Kravings for any other drama yet.

I’m kinda half following Legend of the Blue Sea and The Lonely Shining Goblin warily. I’m sure you know the feeling – starting a hyped drama with big stars, writers and budget only to fizzle out with a limp pshh when the story fell apart (or the ending begged credulity)… Yes, I’m talking about The Time We Were Not in Love with Hyde, Jekyll and Me in W – Two Worlds, among others.