Drama Bugbear: Forehead Kiss

I’ve always been annoyed with the forehead kiss – is the female lead a midget (no offence to the under-tall) whose lips the hero cannot reach? It feels uncomfortably patronising and parental – as if the recipient is a baby in need of protection vis a vis the fairy godmother or godfather. Also, as someone who’s suffered acne way into her 30s, I can’t imagine anyone kissing a zitty forehead – the eponymous T-zone of oil production. Or risking a huge breakout from oily lips. Yikes!


Thoughts on Mirror of the Witch

I don’t want to jinx it, but Mirror of the Witch is one the most compelling k-dramas I’ve seen in a while. Excellent story-telling that consistently surprises with unexpected twists, tropes turned on their heads, nuanced acting, and even possibly a sympathetic feminist reading of villainess motivations. Also lots of alluded subtext to keep the lit critic happy – innocence vs corruption vs maturity; integrity vs survival vs loyalty; truth vs deception vs for the good of deceived… Plus almost zero politicking by geezers with wispy beards! That’s almost unheard of for a sageuk. How is it that it keeps getting better and better? 6 more episodes left! Will they be just as riveting?

Read the first episode here:



Don’t Stay In The Room (Review)

A couple of weeks back, a kind friend invited me to watch Eric Khoo’s In the Room, marketed as SG’s first erotic film. The great thing about watching supposedly arthouse flicks with a friend who majored in theatre is that we both have enough language to diss dissect whatever pretensions that attempt to pass off as art. (Fine, she has the language, I just randomly bitch. Toh-may-toh, toh-mah-toh…)

For a more concise (and more scathing) review, check out http://filmnomenon2.blogspot.sg/2016/01/in-room-2015.html?m=1.

If you still can’t tell that nothing good will spew forth, you’re not very good at Reading Between the Lines. Hurry along now, TNP beckons. Continue reading


Not Marrying this week

Episode 13 is when sh*t hits the fan. Ok, not really, but it’s that painful episode which must happen before the cuteness can resume and the happily-ever-after can take place. Couldn’t bring myself to watch it knowing what’s to come, and only skimmed the various parts. Went to ninjareflection and ramblingthoughts to get my recap fix. But I’m glad that Huanzhen and Shengnan’s friendship shows signs of being on the mend after all the misunderstandings have been cleared. There’s really no point keeping silent and wishing for someone to always be on your side. Sometimes, explanations go a long way. Only 2 more episodes. I’m gonna miss the crackling chemistry between the leads and the bitchy frenemy plotting. Sweetness, cute bickering and comic relief please!