Emo Pinings

I ask why he’s so right but the timing’s so wrong
I ask why I still weep though I need to be strong
I ask why my heart breaks when he sings me that song
I ask why I write this though it’s been so long

I ask when will I heal, you’ll know when, she says
I ask where should I go, anywhere is okay
I ask who will I meet, you’ll know on that day
I ask how will I know, that’s when your heart sways

I’ve been everywhere, my heart hasn’t swayed,
I’m still here alone, somehow that’s quite okay
I ask You for nothing, I know I’ve let go
It’s time now to laugh, to soar and to grow



the teacher laughs,
I have enough kids to keep me busy,
don’t need any of my own lah

and she thinks back on the two
that she had decided not to keep
they’d be about the same age by now


It’s just hot air

Some prefer it surreptitious
Some like it with a bang
Some say sorry sorry
Some will just pretend

Sometimes a waft, sometimes a whiff
Sometimes sharp and tangy
For goodness’ sake, not in the lift
Though some like it in the blankie

A fanny toot, a mousie squeak
A stinker or a fart
Breaking wind, to let one rip
Can be considered quite an art

The queen does it, the babes do it
Your girlfriend does it too
It only gets real icky
If it’s mixed up with some poo

You know as well as I do
That it’s better out than in
So break away, enjoy the breeze
Being gassy’s not a sin!