The Last Five Years

I haven’t watched The Last Five Years yet, and though it hasn’t got the best reviews, there’s a thread that resonates.

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Toy Factory’s Grind (R18) glories in being unsubtle | The Straits Times


Grind is a production with a good heart, good performers and a script that cannot always bear the weight of its intentions. …

Such sublimely ridiculous moments are what make this Grind rewarding.

I don’t think I have the time to watch this, but if you do, it’s probably gonna be worth your time.


Review of The Effect by Pangdemonium


Well-written and insightful theatre reviews are a dime a dozen, so obviously this is not gonna be one of them.

Title of play:  The Effect
Playwright:  Lucy Prebble
Company:  Pangdemonium
Director:  Tracy Pang
Cast:  Nikki Muller, Linden Furnell, Tan Kheng Hua, Adrian Pang
Tickets: http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/effect0316

This was my first Pangdemonium production, and I was half intrigued by the premise of whether love is chemically induced, or if it is something deeper and more profound than that.  Didn’t know that there would be a discussion on depression as well, so that was a welcome treat.

As in the blurb, the play centred on the growing attraction between Tristan (Furnell) and Connie (Muller), two subjects in a clinical trial for an anti-depressant.  The heady feelings of falling in love is counterpointed by the weight the unspoken history between Dr Lorna (Tan), the psychiatrist heading the trial, and Dr Toby (Pang), her superior in the company.  What seems at first a light treatise on the nature of love takes on a darker turn at the denouement.

(Sorry about the cliched writing, but hey, warning was given in the first para!)

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