Thoughts of Hospital Playlist Season 1

Image source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1383806wpp/the-cast-of-hospital-playlist-are-all-smiles-in-second-poster

Hospital Playlist, which ended last Thursday, is a slice-of-life drama chronicling the workplace interactions of a group of five 40-year-old friends who have known each other since 1999. Planned as a 3-season drama, there is also an extensive supporting cast whose stories scaffold the theme of the week. In addition, 90s Korean music is also showcased through the jam sessions of the five besties.

Created by the PD-writer duo of Shin Won-ho and Lee Woo-jung of Prison Playbook and the (infamous) Reply series (1997, 1994, 1988), Hospital Playlist is almost vignette-like in its approach: there doesn’t seem to be an overarching plot. Like most procedural dramas, each episode has cases-of-the-week, with the protagonists’ lives only lightly threading through. It’s an easy watch, especially if you’re looking for a relatively stress-free drama (totally opposite to the nail-biting The World of the Married) in the time of COVID-19.

Some spoilers ahead though major plot points will not be revealed (I think…)

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